Urgent News & Situation Report 6/26: Derek Johnson Talks Tribunals, (Clones or Masks?) & The EBS! Must Video!

Don’t Miss This MOAB-FILLED Episode Of The LATE BREAKING NEWS & SITUATION REPORTS For June 26, 2023!

YET ANOTHER MUST SEE EPISODE! Late Breaking News & Situation Report June 26 features DEREK JOHNSON who is a MAN ON FIRE & DROPPING MOABS all over the Deep State Demons in this BOMBSHELL EPISODE! This EPIC interview will GIVE NYOU A SNEAK PEEK at just EXACTLY what the TRIBUNALS will be like! It also answers some HARD-HITTING QUESTIONS, such as ‘Are those MASKS or are they just ACTORS?! Derek will also cover the BURNING QUESTION that EVERYONE asks: What WILL the EBS’s and EAS’s REALLY BRING about when they happen?! Do NOT MISS this EPC ADVENTURE when THESE and MANY MORE BURNING QUESTIONS get some FINAL RESOLVE! This URGENT EPISODE contains some VERY IMPORTANT infornation that everyone needs to know and understand! PLEASE SHARE IT EVERYWHERE!

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