Superbowl Brought Out Covid Transhuman Celebrities To The Deathstar For The War Against Humanity, And A Major Moment In Their Shared Depopulation Missions?!!

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Superbowl Brought Out Covid Transhuman Celebrities To The Deathstar For The War Against Humanity, And A Major Moment In Their Shared Depopulation Missions?!!

Notice how much focus was put on celebrities at the superbOWL? I couldn’t help but notice a developing trend… and it should chill the US republic and the world, to its core. Now… my theory is three-fold:

  1. The celebs that promoted the death and ANDROID jab… brought all their mission together to the DEATH STAR.
  2. The DEATH STAR is where people get activated to become mind-controlled and remote-controlled androids that are readable and writable!
  3. The potential pulsation of certain frequencies is not limted to the people in the stadium…. as these TELEVISED LIVE events, could also trigger pulsations to come from people’s devices!

The public, mostly asleep who IGNORES ALL THE WARNINGS, continues to avoid the CHEMTRAILS, GRAPHENE OXIDE, AND ALL TRANSHUMAN AGENDAS… while being saturated in POISONED BREAD, and WEAPONIZED CIRCUS. And sooooo are all these events both weaponized, but they are also scripted… for WAR IS THEATRE, when all sides are controlled. Oh, you don’t think they would use a state-of-the-art building to experiment on the attendees with their NEW TECHNOLOGY THAT HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED OUT ON LARGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE! Clues:

  1. Some of the celebs who promote the transhuman agenda include: beyonce, lady gaga, taylor swift.

You must comprehend, that this means, they are at war with the natural human. 2.  Let’s see who else… there was chemtrails over the country club… Lana Del Ray… more transhumanism. 3.  The commercials are huge clues, because they are big budget social engineering experiments and secret projects. Ben Affleck was paid $10 million to say, “HERE COMES THE BOSTON MASSACRE”, while covid lady JENNIFER LOPEZ had her close up… oh geez, how can we forget Jennifer in her own superbOWL half-time show, riding a giant needle, and then shaking her butt.

4.  Kim Kardashian?  She was selling covid to the gullible masses while ‘married’ to clone Kanye.  Gee I didn’t know marrying a CLONE is legal… HOW DOES THAT WORK? 5.  Justin Beiber… obviously was into the jab too, and literally half her face was famously paralyzed by it. 6. Elon Musk… obviously Mr. Let’s Put A Computer Chip In Everybody’s Head, is not exactly supportive of the natural human. 7. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE ARTIFICALLY INSERTED INTO OUR LIVES??

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

Okay we can go on… the point is all these transhuman propaganda agents have met at the DEATH STAR, for something that represents a milestone in their missions. zAPPPPPP!…  The public wouldn’t even feel the pulsations… the hidden activation of technology already inside them… it arrived in the food, water, chemtrails and jabs… pretty much in everything. C’mon people, you KNOW people are now BLUETOOTH, and the jabs were MAGNETIC. Some people may no longer be human after this superbOWL.

The old men at Bohemian Grove… brought out all their agents… like charismatic friends, only to watch us be pushed into becoming ANDROIDS. Only those with GOD are PROTECTED. They have been playing God with our lives, with our DNA, with our connection to God. They have been working overtime to SACRIFICE HUMANITY TO THEIR OWL GOD! They have failed but they don’t know what else to do… after all, they are just puppets who are paid to be told what to do… and to literally dance like idiots and prostitutes…  as the INVISIBLE FREQUENCIES ZAP ZAP

When your own role models are trying to kill you, covertly and slowly, while harvesting your energy… this is obviously the end of this civilization. Now ask yourself… what are the odds, that Miss 13 is my lucky number… nailed it years ago… 

Guys..  the beech LIKES to drink blood?

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