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I did my own investigation. Looks deliberate to me. I went to vesselfinder.com and tracked the path of the Dali. You can do it too. Tracking shows two tugs got the ship away from the dock and the ship was then underway in the center of the channel going 8 knots on a heading of 140 degrees. Then when the ship was 0.5 miles from the bridge, when it was at an angle to bypass the dolphin, without changing speed it made an 18 degree right turn on a heading of 158 degrees and made a bee line straight for the pylon. From turn to pylon was 1 minute 20 seconds.

Tracking also showed wind speed and direction. The 4 knot wind (4.5 mph) was blowing against the right side of the ship. Not in a direction that could possibly blow the ship into the pylon. Go look and decide for yourselves.

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