Steve Quayle & Mike Adams: The Whole World Is Watching As The West Burns Itself To The Ground! – A Must Video

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

– Western civilization collapse and military developments. (0:00)
– Geopolitics, economics, and social issues. (3:41)
– US Coast Guard’s role in Haitian immigration and impending civil war. (7:55)
– Potential societal collapse and loss of freedom. (12:28)
– The current state of America, including violence and human trafficking. (17:12)
– Immigration, replacement, and war. (21:35)
– Macron’s policies and potential war with Russia. (30:10)
– The decline of the US dollar and the rise of the BRICS currency. (35:42)
– Zombies, cannibalism, and societal collapse. (41:30)
– Emergency preparedness and communication tools during a grid down event. (50:06)
– Communication and data privacy in a crisis. (54:50)
– Financial collapse, gold and silver, and prepping. (59:56)
– Impending global events and preparedness. (1:05:05)
– Zombie apocalypse preparedness and survival. (1:11:14)
– Vaccines and detox products. (1:13:23)

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