Situation Update, Dec 11, 2023 – Alex Jones, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Military Intelligence, AI Wars & Skynet! – Mike Adams

 Alex Jones’ Twitter reinstatement and its implications for America’s future. (0:00)
– US politics, military, and intelligence networks. (2:48)
– Elon Musk’s role in reinstating banned accounts and promoting Trump. (16:03)
– Keeping America alive through military might and media awakening. (20:59)
– Trump, immigration, and national security. (26:15)
– AI development and military simulations. (37:13)
– AI development for military use. (42:06)
– Using AI for bio weapons development. (48:30)
– AI advancements in China and its potential impact on military power. (57:55)
– Education, AI, and global competitiveness. (1:03:00)
– AI’s impact on media, law, and survival. (1:13:20)

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