SG Anon Sits Down With Robert At Renegade Media: HAARP, Unusual Weather Patterns In Cali, International News & Geopolitics! – Must Video

SG Anon and Robert discuss HAARP, unusual weather patterns in California, international news, and geopolitics.

I feel that SG is a force to be reckoned with. His confidence, intelligence, research skills and his ability to communicate information is second to none. I have to wonder if he now has special clearance to deliver intel to the masses in preparation for what is to come.

Chemtrails have been terrible in Texas! We are definitely at war and Texas is hated. I was suffering eye infections that antibiotics would not heal. They kept coming back and my last infection was within 8 hours of heavy chemtrails. I began taking ivermectin along with antibiotics. Took 2 rounds of ivermectin and it finally killed the infection. Research showed me it was most likely a massive demodex infestation of my eyelids. I believe they are spraying us with parasites.

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