SG Anon Making Sense Of Our World Today On TruthStreams! – Must Video

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

I have to whole heartedly disagree with Q’s decision to keep 60% of the atrocities propagated against humanity away from the knowledge of We The People. Our people are currently perishing because of lack of knowledge that the deep state and now apparently Q want to keep away from us. We need to know the truth, no matter dark and horrific it is. As we are already seeing, we can’t protect and defend ourselves from what we do not know. I will agree children should be shielded, but upon becoming an adult that shield needs to be removed. The emphasis needs to be put on helping people cope and work through after being enlightened, rather than just keeping the truth from them r making it difficult for them to discover it. We are free will agents and we need to be allowed to to exercise that free will, not have the data removed from which we must decide we would need to exercise that free will decision making on.

What is this medication or supplement you guys are speaking of that treats the graphene oxide and how does one get it?

It’s awesome to hear SG and truth being disclosed here in the Pacific North West (America’s best kept secret). Keep the faith and stay strong as we surround the deep $tate !!! Military is the only way, and we provide the play-by-play.

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