Riccardo Bosi Names Names – The Pissants of Australia (Video)

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Riccardo Bosi – Australia’s Great Hope – Names Names in his First Interview in 2024

The “pissant” politicians claiming to represent the people in Australia are exposed by the leader of the Australia One Party in this exclusive interview.

The great Riccardo Bosi joins me for his first interview of 2024, and he holds back no punches. Apart from not only naming the Australian politicians he eloquently calls “piss-ants” but also explaining why and how they’ve been compromised to be traitors to the Australian people, we discuss the vast scale of the child-trafficking (and murder) problem in the world which gets us both up in the morning.

If you read Wikipedia’s entry on Riccardo, you’ll see how the sly put-downs try to detriment his character, which I find to be impeccable. Australia needs this man, and the rest of the world needs t be inspired by him.

Although I don’t see politics as the long-term solution, in fact I think politics should be banished forever in the new world, I do applaud the approach he is taking with the Australia One Party in this war against the satanic hoards that have tried to wipe us out and robotise the survivors.

The need for people that tell the truth no matter what the consequences, who have courage beyond reason, who love poetry and all the beautiful things in this Universe, to stand as motivators, leaders and architects of a better way forward, is imperative and it is truly my honour to be able to speak with this man. I hope you enjoy this interview and spread it far and wide.

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