Oh Sh*t, Something Big Is Happening With Covid Mandates, Lawyers Nervous! – Redacted News

Lawyers are getting nervous that the Biden Administration could win a major court victory to bring back mask and vaccine mandates. The Biden administration is once again pushing for Covid mandates on the population while at the same time pushing for annual vaccines for COVID-19.

The biggest problem with natural immunity is that it does not contribute to big pharma’s revenue stream.

Anyone who is so misinformed, ignorant, uneducated, or unaware of the damages caused by this administration for mandating poison, deserve compassion for their ignorance. These folks simply are not informed of the documented atrocities and REAL science behind what is going on in our society. The main media is to blame. Sadly, many people do not educate themselves in these matters. Social media, which helped create this problem, may actually help educate those who wish to spend some time and energy in getting ALL the facts

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