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Humanity is about to wake from a long and terrible nightmare. An ancient Satanic cult that has terrorized us for millennia is facing final defeat. The Jewish people are planning to celebrate their release from Babylonian slavery by building a new temple. This time it is expected to last forever. A new Golden Age is about to dawn for humanity. That is the big picture behind recent news events.

Now that the Satanists have been defeated in Ukraine, a final battle is about to take place to mop up the last major Satanist strongholds in Europe, the US and Asia, multiple sources agree.  

The biggest event in the war to liberate the planet last week was the French and British Rothschilds throwing the Rockefellers and their fake President Biden under the bus. This was the story behind the visit to China by French slave President Emmanuelle Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

In diplomacy, appearances show who is really in charge. This is why Macron flew on his own Airbus A330 with a group of media, business and cultural figures while von der Leyen was forced to take a 14-hour commercial flight to the capital, complete with a four-hour layover in the Middle East. While in China President Xi Jinping “treated von der Leyen in a way that made it a bit humiliating,” said one French official.

“Xi ejected Ursula from important talks because he wanted to put Macron on the spot and the babysitter Ursula was mandated by her WEF masters to prevent him from doing so,” a CIA source explains. “Macron is smart, he will choose the side of the winners like any good self-respecting opportunist,” he adds.

During his visit Macron promised to join China’s Belt and Road Forum. He also agreed with China that it was time to settle the Ukrainian crisis “through diplomatic means to achieve lasting peace in Europe.”

Macron even went so far as to basically agree to ditch NATO and join the BRICS alliance and their proposal for mutual security. That is why Xi and Macron decided to “deepen exchanges” between the Chinese Army and French units in the Asia-Pacific. Macron also promised not to support Taiwan in any US-provoked crisis there.

The other important point about the Macron visit is that both the Iranian and Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministers were in China at the same time where they had meetings with their French counterparts. This is a clear sign the French were being told either to join the BRICS or get cut off from Middle Eastern oil.

To sweeten the deal, China said Europe should be “an independent pole in a multipolar world.” This plays into long-held French support of European independence.

The upcoming divorce between Europe and the Rockefeller-controlled US is one reason why Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Ukraine peace talks should focus on creating a “new world order.”

Of course, Macron sucking up to the Chinese and Russians may not save him from his own people. French demonstrators have made it clear they know who their enemy is by torching both the Bank of France and BlackRock Headquarters in Paris last week.

In any case, it also looks like Germany will join France in rejecting the Rockefeller-controlled US. The ethnically German King Charles of England went to Germany last week “to cement Anglo-German peacetime relations, fulfilling one of the late Queen’s missions,” MI6 says.

As a result of that meeting, German slave Chancellor Olaf Scholz is about to be removed soon via a parliamentary investigation into a corruption scandal of his. Since almost all Western politicians are corrupt, “investigations into corruption” just means they are about to be fired. He will be replaced by someone who is not a Rockefeller stooge, MI6 says.

We also note that Austrian politicians walked out when the Satanic Ukranian President Vladimir Zelinsky spoke to their parliament.

By the way, we deliberately used the Russian spelling for his name because it turns out all of these so-called Ukrainian politicians are in fact, Russian speakers. This makes us wonder if the entire Ukrainian show has always been in fact a Russian puppet show.

Polish intelligence sources also wondered about Zelinsky after he visited Poland last week. “Why couldn’t Zelensky walk from the hotel to the presidential palace next door,” they asked.

One source notes how he once saw Sultan Al Qaboos of Oman show up without bodyguards at a café, ask for tea, and then talk with the customers about their plans, “This is the norm for Arabs because his people will not hurt him,” he says.

By contrast, with Zelinskly “Here comes an actor, carried by an expensive armored limousine escorted by 6 gorillas to travel 60 meters, and 7 years ago he played the piano with his dick, naked on the guitar and was not afraid,?”

In Canada and other Western countries too, Prime Ministers used to just walk the streets. Now, their people hate them so much they need to hide behind goons and armor.

An example of what kind of leaders we now have in the West was seen last week when Zelensky and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin honored the late Nazi war criminal Dmitry “Da Vinci” Kotsyubaylo. During his lifetime, “Da Vinci” boasted that he fed his wolf the bones of Russian-speaking children. It was his wife who said, “A good Russian is a dead Russian,” Polish intelligence sources say.

No wonder Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev says “no-one in the world needs Ukraine, therefore it will cease to exist,” He says the American people will soon force politicians to explain why they are obsessed with “a country unknown to them,” instead of domestic American issues,

Medvedev also notes only about 20 million of a pre-war population of 45 million are still left in the country,

As we have noted previously, a new line of influence between Western Europe and Russia has been set along the Dnieper River. The Khazarian mafia’s plan to turn Ukraine into a new Khazarian empire is dead in the water.

The Russians have also noted the UN has totally discredited itself by refusing to launch an international, independent investigation of the Nordstream pipeline sabotage. They are finally figuring out it is a privately owned Rockefeller corporation and not a genuine world organization.

The Russians have also figured out the International Criminal Court is another Rockefeller front. For that reason, Judges Tomoko Akane, Rosario Salvador Aytala, Sergio Herardo Ugalde Godini and prosecutor Karim Khan have been targeted by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office.

MI6 is working with the Russians and the White Hats to target other Satanists as well. This means this “transnational and highly organized cult” is being taken down. Their weakness was that “abject secrecy has been the continuum’s only way to survive,”MI6 notes. Now that various lawsuits are exposing the whole thing it is just a matter of time before the scourge ends in Europe.

In any case, regardless of what happens in Europe though, the real showdown is taking place in the United States.

There we are seeing what appears to be Donald Trump version 3.0 appearing as Commander in Chief 

Former Asia/Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford has 20-years experience as a professional writer and journalist, and has sold over 500,000 non-fiction books written in Japanese. He’s produced a comprehensive catalogue of scoops in fields ranging from business, to yakuza gangsters, to high-finance, to government corruption.

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