Melania Trump Finally Breaks Silence! NY AG Letitia James Humiliated! – Stephen Gardner

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

– Rare occurrence in Congress: Minority party (Republicans) overpowering majority party to pass a bill for individual votes on controversial topics like aid for Ukraine & Israel.
– Only 39 Republicans voted against the bill, feeling betrayed by House Speaker Mike Johnson.
– Rep. Paul Gosar joins Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene in motion to vacate Speaker Johnson for sending aid to Ukraine before securing the border.
– Sen. Rand Paul criticizes Biden’s Border Chief Alejandro Mayorkas for lax immigration policies during a hearing.
– Biden ramps up anti-China rhetoric, claiming they’re xenophobic and cheating, contrasting Trump’s approach.
– Biden’s policies draw criticism, including blocking drilling in Alaska, perceived as weakening America.
– Melania Trump expresses support for her husband, denounces Hush Money trial as an attack on their marriage, and outlines her priorities as First Lady.
– Tucker Carlson exposes fear of intel agencies among members of Congress, suggesting many are compromised or controlled.
– Exciting upcoming guests and interviews promised for the channel.
– Encouragement for viewers to like, share, and subscribe, expressing gratitude for their support.

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