Kerry Cassidy & Patriot Bombshells 12.06: “Behind The Scenes” Right On Q! – A Must Video

Kerry Cassidy & Patriot Bombshells 12.06: “Behind The Scenes” Right On Q!

We have already lost more than a million from the flu shot. Now a new order giving the government total control to pass bills. I live in Washington State clueless, and we will end up in FEMA camps because we didn’t take the shot. I live in a rural area and over 800 people died from the shot n dropped weekly. Now flu season those that taken shot no immunity, n death presents itself. Who does this sh*t it’s not casualty of war. THESE ARE OUR LOVED ONES. YOU WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE BY GOD!

Don’t backslide Kerry tell it like it is. Ol boots on the ground will probably sir in his park or eat food as in his motel. Like Gen Flynn get involved. We don’t need a pacifier anymore. I’m mad as sh*t. People dying know them or not because they trusted the government. Like Black Elk speaks. The government gave Indians. Blankets, rotten meat n smallpox. Not everyone is educated in this mess. Media used transgenderism for depopulation, the shot for depopulation. Then you get jargon hog wash as I put a loved one to rest. Our country lacks immunity toward loss. Our country has lost the moral ground of humans. We have sinned. Our battle is with God! Oh, I had dreams, visions insight, I’m telepathic. This is an outrage to blindness. We have a God who watched you slaughter children, ignoring the principals of darkness. You invited Satan into our Nation. You stand by for others to prat for a man Trump. Trump isn’t going to save us. We have to repent. Get your ass in the truth it’s called God talking to us in the Bible, study. Ask God to save us for our children n grandchildren. Are you so far gone. This post can tell you what’s happening, but our prayers are stronger to change the world before us. The real awakening is finding trust in God.

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