Judy Byington: DEFCON 1 Alert Issued, EBS, GESARA is NOW, Biden Declares War Without Congressional Approval? Special Intel Report 1/14/24 (Video)

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

(Turn off VPN, as it can block certain videos, like Rumble)

Judy’s sources prefer that she not do a report on Sundays, so this is a weeki review..

Here’s what we know so far: 

Was The Planet in World War III Without Knowing It?
DEFCON One Alert Issued
Biden Declares War Without Congressional Approval

On Thurs. 11 Jan. Evening There Were Reports of Attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad Iraq, plus Attacks on Iraq US Bases, With Top US Military Leaders in Iraq Assassinated.

On Fri. 12 Jan. the US & UK Conducted Over 100 Cruise Missile Air Strikes On Over 60 Yemen Targets Including Bombing Civilians – Innocent Men, Women and Children.

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

On Fri. 12 Jan. the White Hat Military Alliance and Deep State NATO/CIA/M16 Alliance Started their Coups in Poland.

As of Tues. 23 Jan. All Banks Across the Globe Not Basel 3 Compliant Will Be Collapsed.

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