Is Kate Middleton Even Alive? (Video)

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

It seems the Royal Family has found themselves in another sticky situation, worthy of a Photoshop detective novel. Social media sleuths have raised their virtual magnifying glasses once more, pointing out peculiarities in a recent photo featuring Kate Middleton and Prince William. Allegedly captured as they were leaving Windsor Castle, the snapshot appears to showcase a case of mismatched masonry – a true conundrum for the ages.

Critics, armed with their eagle eyes, have accused the royals of digital tomfoolery, noting the discrepancy between the bricks visible through the car window and those adorning the castle’s venerable walls. “A Photoshop scandal in the palace?” gasped internet denizens, as they dissected the images pixel by pixel.

The plot thickens with the suggestion that this photo might be a recycled Christmas snapshot, cleverly repurposed for post-abdominal surgery public reassurance. Social media detectives pointed out missing earrings and phantom hat brims, accusing the royals of being less than proficient in their image-altering endeavors.

Amidst this latest pictorial drama, Kate Middleton, the Princess of amateur photography, finds herself under the spotlight for another edited photo debacle – this time, a Mother’s Day special featuring her and the royal offspring. Sources close to Kensington Palace whispered of her “awful” feelings over the ensuing controversy, aiming for perfection and landing in perplexity.

In a rare move, Middleton issued a public apology, admitting to the occasional dalliance with photo editing – a hobby that’s clearly backfired, sparking more rumors about her recent absence from public view. The plot, as they say, thickens, leaving us wondering: will the real unedited Royal Family please stand up? Or better yet, just post a candid snapshot.

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