Images from Hunter Biden’s laptop show Joe Biden naked with a young girl.

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

According to www.politifact.com- Internet users are circulating screen grabs from an old pornographic video and falsely claiming they are newly uncovered images of President Joe Biden naked with a young, bound girl.

The images do not show Biden; they were cribbed from a pornographic video that has been available on pornography websites since at least 2014, reverse image searches show.

The original video features an unidentified adult film actor, not Biden. 

But the miscaptioned images spread across the internet after posters on 4chan, a message board notorious for radicalizing mass shooters and giving rise to the QAnon conspiracy theory, claimed to have hacked an iCloud account belonging to Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. 

Former President Donald Trump, his allies and social media users who support him have previously fixated on the alleged contents of a laptop tied to the younger Biden.

“Hunter’s laptop. This guy looks familiar. Hmmmm,” reads the text under the compilation of images, which was shared across mainstream social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as on far-right message boards such as patriots.win.

I can not confirm this video is 100% legit, however, I can assure you there is much worse out there. #BuckleUp #SocialConditioning #TheBigGuy

McEnany: Even CNN knows things are bad

You Are Fake News

The Poison Pill

Shareholder Suicide: Twitter Board Votes on “Poison Pill” Strategy to Thwart Elon Musk’s Takeover “Twitter just announced that its board has unanimously voted to adopt what’s called a shareholders’ rights plan. The move is in direct response to Elon. The rights will become exercisable if an entity, person, or group acquires beneficial ownership of 15% or more of Twitter’s outstanding common stock in a transaction not approved by the Board. [If Elon acquires 15% of Twitter], all other shareholders would immediately be able to purchase shares at a discounted price, [which] would result in Elon shares potentially being diluted so much that they’re devalued.”

Twitter Board Adopts “Poison Pill” To Thwart Musk Takeover, Exposing Itself To “Titanic” Legal Liability

Titanic you say? Titanic or the Olympic sunk on April 15th and that’s also tax day. We all know what happened during that false flag. #FederalReserve

Elon Musk: Buying Twitter Isn’t To Make Money, We Need A Trusted Platform

The secrets of the explosive health of the richest families in the world!!!

These secrets also belong to the Trump family! (Because their health and energy regardless of age has proven this argument over time)

By watching the video below, you can learn these secrets and even apply them yourself! Just be careful until the end…

Here’s Johnny!

Research Vanguard and Blackrock for yourself.

Tucker: Elon Musk is putting everything on the line

Masks don’t work and are for losers same as fear. Period. #NoDebate


Still waiting for liberals to explain…

– Where the flu went in 2020

– Why the global death count didn’t change in 2020

– Why Covid didn’t wipe out the homeless population

– Why billions of healthy people were quarantined for the first time in history

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

– Why Covid avoided Africa

– Why Covid avoided places that didn’t lockdown

– Why a piece of fruit and a goat tested positive

– Why the majority of positive cases at the beginning of the pandemic were people who hadn’t left their homes

– Why Covid was the first virus in history where the majority of people who supposedly had it were “asymptomatic”

– Why lockdowns did NOTHING to slow the spread

– Why the vaccines did NOTHING to slow the spread

– Why we’ve seen an 1,100% spike in myocarditis in children

– Why football stadiums were filled with maskless people while our children were muzzled in the classroom

– Why the violent riots of 2020 weren’t “super spreader events”

– Why the MSM doesn’t cover the millions of adverse reactions and tens of thousands of deaths reported to VAERS


We Are Not The Same

More Snake Oil….there are no viruses. No debate.

JUST IN: FDA Authorizes Covid-19 Breathalyzer That Can Detect the China Virus in Less Than 3 Minutes

LGBTQ psyop was created for one purpose only: Legalization and acceptance of Pedophilia. Ezra A Cohen

CIA, NASA And Disney

Furious Dad Reads Pornographic ‘Filth’ To School Board Straight From The HS Library Books [VIDEO]

This stuff would get censored on Twitter, and yet it’s completely available to high school students in their school library.

Erica Anderson, a 71-year-old biological male who identifies as female, this week spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the explosion of gender-confused kids. 71 = 17 = Q!

‘Gone Too Far’: Transgender Psychologist Admits Spike In ‘Trans’ Kids Alarming, Become ‘Trendy’

A transgender psychologist, who also identifies as transgender, has admitted that the surge in children who identify as their opposite sex is alarming, blaming quarantine and social media, in part.

Still think they’re not after our kids? New game released targeting 5-9 year olds called “Playing With Pronouns”

Egard Watches Gives The PERFECT Response To What Is A Woman

JP Sears If Body Positivity Logic Was Used Everywhere


Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill to Protect the Lives of Florida’s Most Vulnerable

Abortion is a Violent Act Ending in the Death of a Baby Before Birth

Ted Cruz Tells DC Mayor: Deaths 5 Full-Term Aborted Babies Must be Investigated

Adam Schiff trending on Twitter given Ed Buck’s sentencing. The Radical Left’s Twitter bots have also been injected to tag Adam Schiff to burry tweets like this. Elon’s gotta get into those server rooms & smash the bot farms so truth can flourish.

Prominent Democrat Donor Ed Buck Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

A longtime donor to prominent Democrats was sentenced on April 14 to 30 years in prison.

Edward Buck, 67, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder approximately nine months after he was found guilty of nine felony counts involving the overdose deaths of two men.

“This defendant preyed upon vulnerable victims—men who were drug-dependent and often without homes—to feed an obsession that led to death and misery,” U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California Tracy Wilkison said in a statement.

Florida Woman Convicted in Million Dollar Health Care Fraud for Phoney Drug Treatment Centers: DOJ

The owner of a Florida addiction treatment facility has been found guilty of running an insurance scheme that charged private health insurers more than $58 million for services that were never provided and, in some cases, were not even medically necessary, the Department of Justice announced on April 13.

The flying car is here – and it could change the world

Jungle Book: Trust in Me

This scene brings on a whole new meaning when you look at it with real eyes. #realize #listen

Let’s end on a laugh! Do Nothing!!!

Source: www.marzlovesfreedom.com

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