GITMO Suspends Tribunals Amid Security Concerns; Massive Mobilization Sends Detainees to Guam

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Citing security concerns, The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions have decided to temporarily suspend tribunals at Guantanamo Bay and transfer all Camp Delta detainees to USMC Camp Blaz, Guam, which is under White Hat control and has facilities for tribunals and incarcerating or executing high-value prisoners, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

The unannounced shuffle began Monday afternoon following the executions of Liz Cheney, who was convicted and sentenced to death on April 21, and two corrupt FBI agents who had unsuccessfully tried to sabotage an ordnance depot at USMC Air Station Cherry Point. JAG summarily executed the feds, sans a formal tribunal.

Our source said the hangings played no part in the decision to move, though the timing is assuredly suspicious.

Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall and JAG senior leadership left GITMO for Florida at 1400 hours Monday, from where they boarded a flight to San Diego and then another to Guam, 6,000 miles west of California, as the crow flies. They landed safely at Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport and went immediately to Camp Blaz to “set up shop,” our source said.

Meanwhile, detainees at GITMO were put aboard two White Hat-controlled Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, retrofitted with detainment cells, for the ~8,000 nautical mile trip to Guam via the Panama Canal. Our sources would not reveal how many, if any, of GITMO’s 8,500 Marines joined the voyage, nor how many detainees were held at Camp Delta.

“Camp Blaz was fully manned and briefed ahead of time,” one source said. “Make no mistake, this is not a retreat, it’s a strategic, provisional move, and GITMO is and will stay under White Hat control.”

However, a slip of his tongue hinted that the “provisional move” was more akin to a rapid mobilization or deployment. When asked why staff and detainees were traveling aboard ships instead of aircraft, he said, “Efficiency. If you must move dozens or a hundred prisoners across the world simultaneously, it’s less conspicuous than escorting them, potentially, through international airports.”

Even at flank speed, it will take the ships 8 days—plus time to refuel and navigate the crowded Panama Canal—to reach Guam, an eternity of uncertainty because military loyal to the criminal Biden regime has assets capable of finding, intercepting, and sinking the destroyers.

“Considering our cargo, that’s unlikely,” the source said.

When pressed for details, he reluctantly admitted that added Navy forces would join the ships en route, forming an impenetrable sea-and-air shield around the destroyers. The mention of airpower above the vast ocean implies White Hats have appropriated an aircraft carrier, but our source would neither confirm nor deny that assumption.

“The ships will reach Guam safely,” he said.

A second source, a Southcom Army Colonel at GITMO, said he’d been authorized to share a few pertinent details, including that President Donald J. Trump, Gen. Eric M. Smith, and Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall had discussed relocating JAG to Guam following the Christmas Day assault on Guantanamo Bay. Also, Biden-controlled AC-130 Gunships and F-16s—presumably from Black Hat-controlled Homestead Air Reserve Base on the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula—loaded with air-to-ground ordnance had skirted GITMO’s air defense identification zone. The frequency of provocative intrusions increased in February, March, and April, prompting White Hat commanders to concede that GITMO—although fortified in the aftermath of the Christmas Day massacre—was still strategically undefendable against a massive attack.

“No matter how you run the numbers, GITMO is vulnerable, at least for now. The only thing that’s stopped them from sending some B-52s and bombing the shit out of us is that we have people they want back. Even so, and as they’ve shown, they could still target us without hitting Camp Delta. Where we’re taking the convicts is not only more secure but also farther away. Having Deep State prisoners only 90 miles from the U.S. while the regime has some power puts us all at risk,” the source said.

He added that Army, Navy, and Marine assets will encircle Guam–a bulwark against conventional attacks.

“Missions to arrest Deep Staters will continue as normal. Whether moved by air or sea, they will now face tribunals at Camp Blaz.”

In closing, he made an unexpected comment, saying JAG hasn’t ruled out holding tribunals and executions at sea in international waters.

Asked when GITMO would resume normal operations, he said, “Sometime in 2024.”

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