FISAGATE Proves Deep State Will Do ANYTHING To Remove Trump, Just Like They Did To President Kennedy … but it’s the Shadow Government that’s really calling the shots

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Deep State is setting up Trump just like they did to President Kennedy … but it’s the Shadow Government that’s really calling the shots.

Copies of this ‘All Points Bulletin’ were floating around Dallas, Texas during the week of the JFK assassination

There’s no question that Trump is in the crosshairs like never before.

He really needs to watch every step he takes. His people also need to watch their every move. No screwups can be tolerated.

The same people who took out Kennedy will not hesitate to take him out. And they’ve had 59 years to perfect their assassination plans.

— Former U.S. Military Officer & Intelligence Analyst

Very few people at the time were aware but the above flyer was widely disseminated by the C.I.A. within law enforcement and intelligence circles throughout Dallas in mid-November of 1963. The following caption describes the seditious content of that document in more detail:

“A flyer that circulated around Dallas prior to President Kennedy’s arrival, claiming he was wanted for treason for “Betraying the Constitution” and for giving “support and encouragement to the Communist inspired racial riots,” among other supposed violations.”

As a matter of historical fact, both the C.I.A. and FBI had been methodically propagandized after the Bay of Pigs invasion fiasco. That propaganda was specifically directed against President Kennedy because of his deliberate failure to support what was essentially a rogue C.I.A. black operation carried out to overthrow Cuba’s Castro regime.

Not only was former CIA Director Allen Dulles (who was fired by Kennedy) the ringleader of the Dallas smear campaign, he also had operational oversight of the JFK assassination plan from the agency’s Camp Peary also known as The Farm.

The CIA and Its Central Role in the Assassination of JFK

The critical point here is that the top-tier decision-makers, who ordered Kennedy’s assassination, used the C.I.A. to do all their dirty work. The CIA leadership at the time viewed the Bay of Pigs operation as an unforgivable betrayal and they used the ensuing and highly charged anti-communist anger against JFK. It was fairly easy for the C.I.A. to whip up wild-eyed rage among the many hardcore fascists within the U.S. Intelligence Community in favor of a murderous coup d’état. Which is exactly what they pulled off in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Parallels to President Trump

The many shocking revelations associated with FISAgate clearly reveal a similar pattern of treachery and insurrection directed at President Trump. Any honest retrospective analysis from Election Day 2016 onward clearly indicates that Deep State has been in a full-blown rebellion mode. First they inflamed racial tensions against Candidate Trump via their quasi-terrorist groups Black Lives Matter, CAIR and La Raza.

Then the coup leaders stirred up long-festering gender hatred with a momentous Women’s March the very day after Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. on the highly symbolic National Mall. That was after an exceedingly vituperative campaign season where the Democrat rhetoric painted Trump as a life-long misogynist at every turn. And that intense gender warfare aimed at Trump continues unabated to this day.

All the while the Shadow Government enlisted hundreds of agents of Deep State within every organ of the U.S. Federal Government to run interference against every Trump initiative. They also gave marching orders to Democratic lawyers and ultra-liberal judges across the nation to thwart Trump’s agenda by any means possible. The well-known judiciary activists have sprung into action after every frivolous and meritless lawsuit filed against the Trump administration.

Then there is the unrelenting barrage of negative reactions coming from famous Hollywood actors, Professional Sports stars and icons in the Music Industry. The disastrous NFL Kneelgate participants were particularly transparent in exposing their loyalties to their Deep State handlers. So were (and are) the Meryl Streeps and Robert De Niros of the world. Even Madonna, Cher and Lady Gaga were employed by their C.I.A. masters to assist in the derailment of the Trump train.

More significantly, there were those celebrities who were actually used to make death threats against the POTUS. The most obvious was TV terrorist and comedic hitman Kathy Griffin.

Lastly, there are those many talking heads in the Mainstream Media who forever solicit the seditious opinions from politicos on both sides of the aisle, as well as from traitorous spooks within the intelligence community.

Of course, President Kennedy was not subjected to even a fraction of what President Trump has had to suffer nonstop since the day he declared his candidacy on June 16, 2015. Deep State actually commenced their character assassination campaign on the very same day.


There is no better example of the ongoing and highly organized soft coup against Trump than the relentless prosecution of the utterly fake “Russia-Trump collusion” hoax. This is where the parallels to JFK are stark and chilling. For there is no better way to tar and feather a political leader than to start a whisper campaign that tags them as a traitor.

KEY POINT: This is how the C.I.A. was able to effectively maintain the 5.5 decade cover up of the JFK assassination. The perpetrators stealthily convinced so many government officials, law enforcement types and intelligence personnel in 1963 that President Kennedy ‘really’ was a traitor that they knew they had them just where they wanted them—corralled into a pen of fearful compliance.

When JFK-aligned whistleblowers were met with a swift and violent end, everyone concerned knew it was essential to keep quiet. The assassination cover-up continues to work this way to this very day. Which is why the Kennedy scenario is so instructive for Donald Trump.

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

Because it was actually Democratic Party leaders who were stone-cold guilty of illegal actions vis-à-vis Russia, the DEMs went on the offensive out of sheer desperation as soon as Trump was elected. Their wholly owned Uranium One scandal is so radioactive that the only way for the Clinton crime syndicate to deflect the blame was to accuse Trump of their own sins. However, this seems to have backfired—BIG time!


Nevertheless, because the Deep State operatives such as John Brennan and James Clapper, Michael Hayden and Michael Morell, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, John and Tony Podesta, et al. are being inexorably backed into a corner, eventually all hell will break loose.

This is why each of these bad actors promotes the Russiagate hoax with such fanatical fervor and tenacity. Of all of the treasonous co-conspirators, it’s evident that California Rep. Adam Schiff was appointed as point man to falsely persecute Trump until he is finally removed from office.

The grim reality is that there are far too many Soros-funded purple revolutionaries within the U.S. Congress, U.S. Intelligence Community, Democratic and Republican Parties, Mainstream Media, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, East Coast Intelligentsia, Corporate America for there not to be fierce and ferocious pushback against Trump’s intention to drain the swamp.

The real swamp also includes virtually every entity Inside the Beltway save a few patriots who have somehow escaped detection. That amounts to the entire Washington establishment and all of their globalist organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group. It also includes their numerous secret societies like the Committee of 300. The COMMITTEE OF 300 — Who are they?

This is why the patently false narrative known as Russiagate has been pushed so vociferously by the swamp monsters. Each of them now faces existential threats, unless they turn state’s evidence post-haste. Did you Deep State traitors hear that?


Most importantly, there is now the nuclear political fallout from FISAgate that Trump must deal with. There is simply no precedent for radioactive blowback of this type. The primary colluding agencies of the FBI, DOJ, CIA and NSA have never been caught before right in the midst of overthrowing a POTUS.

Once this unparalleled scandal hit the fan, the country took a turn into completely unchartered territory. The effects from it are already quite staggering: FISAgate: The Democratic Party is finally over, Deep State in a free-fall collapse

For this reason — FISAgate — the President had better be covered by ultra-loyal security details 24/7 as well as by an impenetrable regimen of other protective measures. Even though the collaborating agents of Deep State brought FISAgate entirely upon themselves, they will do whatever is necessary to avoid taking the blame for their incomparable crime wave.

Not only has FISAgate exposed the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA, DHS, ONI, DIA, as well as other extremely powerful organizations within the international intelligence community (e.g. GCHQ, Mossad, MI6, DGSE, etc.) to unprecedented scrutiny, they have all been deeply implicated in this multi-year criminal conspiracy of treason against the United States and sedition against a sitting POTUS.

In fact, FISAgate has already uncovered so many career criminal co-conspirators throughout the U.S. Federal Government, both past and present employees, that the American Republic is at great risk to a profoundly debilitating constitutional crisis. This is exactly why the method and timing of the exposure of this ongoing capital crime spree is crucial to its success…as it is critical to the POTUS avoiding assassination—JFK style.

In reality, FISAgate transpired in the first place so that all the swamp monsters could show themselves and be positively identified. And, so that they could all be removed from the Washington, D.C. stage once and for all. The presence of these incorrigible and criminally insane psychopaths is totally incompatible with lawful and responsible governance.


Donald J. Trump was given a presidential mandate like no other POTUS in American history. More than anything else, however, he was directed by the body politic to drain the swamp.

There is truly nothing more dangerous on Earth than being the Commander-in-Chief of such a daunting enterprise. Likewise, every individual involved with this perilous endeavor must take precautionary measures from this point forward.

It is of paramount importance to understand that there are forces high and mighty which are carefully guiding this national catharsis. The Founding Fathers are surely not resting during this critical phase of the American Experiment.

Just as the Deep State perps fastidiously executed the controlled demolition of Building #7 on 9/11 in broad daylight, the upcoming purge of Deep State must be implemented so as to inflict minimal collateral damage.

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Those rivals included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic impeachment managers and GOP January 6 committee members.

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