Charlie Freak: Nobody Outfoxes the Fox ~ Donald J. Trump is Hunting the Hunters of Children… (Video)

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There is yet another Tidal Wave of Lies going around the Truth Community, yet again, this one circulating on the Basis that Donald Trump is Dead, and that the Military are simply using Body Doubles of Trump, to Masquerade ‘him’ about until such time that they are ready to Step in and Take Over…No, No, NO…

NOBODY OUTFOXES THE FOX…and Trump is most certainly the Fox, who is Hunting the Hunters of Children, where Fox is 45 in Gematria (Trump and Cyrus represent 45) and The Fox is 78 in Gematria (Kennedy is 78)…there is a PLAN, and this Plan Always had Donald J. Trump as The One who was going to Play this Role, and that this Plan comes from both Yeshua of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany and Magdala 2,000 years ago…thus, we should have TRUST, PATIENCE, HOPE and FAITH in this Divine Plan for the Takedown of Evil on this Good Earth, and KNOW that Donald J. Trump is Protected by God, as He wears His ARMOR as the TRUMPet of God’s Designs, Smoteing Down Evil into Hell, and Rising back Up the Innocent into Heaven upon Earth…so, HAVE FAITH my Friends and Good Cheer, for Salvation is surely at Hand…

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***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

So, Hold on Tight and we will See you later Today…

With Love,

CF and Collywog

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