Breaking Scary: Los Angeles Government Nuclear WW3 Preparation! Nationwide Warning For Massive “Attacks!” – Canadian Prepper

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

Remember how fast we were shut in our homes? 1 day…Pure Evil has crept into our lives, and nothing will ever be the same again…

I still can’t believe we’ve let psychopaths lead us in a constant state of war for thousands of years!

A lot of people aren’t taking this seriously. I was born in 63 and know damn full well we are in big trouble. Early this morning someone tried to get through the gate to fort story little creek VA. Then their car went up in flames and the driver died in the car. Nothing on major news about it but one channel had reported it. It’s like it was a test run. The gov isn’t telling the public anything because it would cause mass panic. Thank you, Nate, for all the info!

In my dream about the time right before the Rapture, I had just gotten sober, and started to tell people that Jesus was coming back soon, really soon. As soon as I started telling people that Jesus was coming back and the rapture was going to happen, everything around me just sped up like it was in fast forward… then it happened. I got to see part of what happened afterwards. There were people screaming, and crying, there were fires everywhere, people were packing up stuff to take it with them, but they didn’t even have time to grab their stuff… they were being pursued, hunted down like animals, I heard them screaming “Just leave the stuff! We have to go right now! Just leave it, RUN!!!” I don’t know how much time is left guys, but I know it isn’t much. I know my Jesus is coming back soon. I love each and every one of you in Jesus’ name… If you haven’t already, please take the blood of Christ… ! Before it’s too late.

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