BREAKING! Child Sexual Abuse Network Led by Biden Administration, Clinton, and Obama!

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

The Foundation to Battle Injustice has obtained previously unpublished evidence of child abuse practices by high-ranking U.S. officials and businessmen. The Foundation to Battle Injustice examined methods of protecting high-ranking pedophiles from media attention and prosecution.

Human rights activists assessed the extent of official legalization of pedophilia in the U.S. and found out what facts of the scandalous Jeffrey Epstein case are still classified. The Foundation also obtained the names and positions of President Biden’s administration officials, businessmen and lawmakers, possibly involved in lewd acts of a sexual nature against minors, and revealed details about American elite pedophile organizations.

The first references to U.S. high-profile politicians, popular actors, directors and successful businessmen being linked to pedophilia and the sexual exploitation of minors began to emerge long before the scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein, a U.S. financier accused of trading sexual favors for U.S. officials and public figures.

The investigation is a result of a long and complex work with several sources, including an investigative journalist for a major U.S. news outlet, a former Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign staff member, and a former employee of Protect Us Kids Foundation, a U.S. human rights organization.

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