Bo Polny & Greg Hunter: Greatest Time in History Starts Now! – Must Video

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Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny predicted last year to “expect the US dollar to go lower and gold, silver and Bitcoin to trend higher, much higher in 2024.”  At the beginning of March, Polny stuck by his prediction, and we hit new record highs on Bitcoin and gold.  Silver is now more than $28 an ounce and headed much higher.  Also, Polny said, “This is why even at $60,000 (per unit), it is still a deal.  Bitcoin is going six digits.”  Bitcoin is up about $10,000 (per unit) in the last 30 days alone, but this is not what Polny is most excited about.  Polny says, “All four horseman have to be riding during Revelation.  So, we are about to witness the third seal, the financial collapse.  People will say, oh my gosh, God is going to destroy the dollar.  Your bank account is going to close, and, yes, you will lose money.  You know that people worship money.  When you lose money and go to zero on your bank account, one of two things are going to happen:  You are going to curse God, or you are going to find God.  We are stepping into the greatest harvest in human history.  The greatest harvest starts on or about Pentecost 2024 (May 18-19).   We step into the greatest time point the world has ever seen.  This starts Pentecost onward, and it’s going to be signs, miracles and wonders.  These are Biblical times and not political times.  Stop watching the news and go read the Bible.”

Polny says some of the biggest acts of God happen in the Passover through Pentecost time period.  From the days of the first Passover and parting of the Red Sea, to the Crucifixion and Ascension of Christ (Pentecost), this is a time Polny says historically when God has intervened and done wonderous acts.   Polny says the math is pointing for history to repeat.   Polny explains, “Every calculation is mathematical perfection because God is perfect.  All these math calculations are perfect using Daniel’s cycles of time and other calculations to show you what’s happening.  We don’t know what day Christ returns, but you can calculate into the future we are getting a massive heads up.  I don’t know the day God is going to strike . . . but we know with calculations we are at a critical time point.  This Passover and this Pentecost is going to be mind blowing, earth shaking.”

In closing, Polny says, “This is all playing out in God’s perfect time. . . . Expect shaking because the church is asleep. . . . We are going to see physical shaking of the earth, like what happened at Passover with the death of Jesus.  We are getting to a time called “Fullness of Time.”  It’s written in the Bible, and it’s when God moves because a time cycle ends. . . . If God does not intervene upon this world, nothing is going to change.  We need God the Creator to show up and show the creation, the Fallen Angels, who is in charge. . . .When God shows up, everything changes no matter what evil has planned.”

There is much more in the 1-hour in-depth interview.

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