Another Jewish Synagogue Horror Emerges Caught On Camera This Time!!

Another Jewish Synagogue Horror Emerges Caught On Camera This Time!!  

IITM: If you want to know what they do in their sin-agog, it’s right there… so it’s not just the zionists? 

What I have trouble with, is the idea that hate makes people smarter or better… even a child knows otherwise.

But why hate eh? There are beautiful people everywhere… I have met some very beautiful jewish people over the years, who don’t seem to have anything to do with the darker stuff.  How does this stuff go on without the rest of the community knowing? 

None the less, I publicly state this video which surely has lots of beautiful jewish energy in it, is one of my favorite videos… I believe the locale is Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, San Marcos… a lake with several volcanos… and a little village, where beautiful people gather from all over the world. Sooo this video shows all of that worldly beauty coming together.  

But let’s rise above all the madness… we can know about it, but not have it disturb our wisdom, power and love. This energy field is our own, not somebody else’s energy field.

Feel the power of your soul who has total control over your energy field… which can transduce all negative energy… ahhhh… feel good?  Good…. even better is to feel the merging of you and God…. feel that too.

Remember, wisdom, power and love…. are victorious.  Don’t delay hearing the most powerful words ever heard in the history of the world. 

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