What Trump’s Indictment Means (Must Video)

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President Donald Trump is being arraigned on the basis of sealed charges. It is unclear why the charges are sealed. Imagine arresting someone on the basis of charges kept from the person. It happens in America as it did in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Perhaps the charges are kept secret so that the media can defame Trump by reporting that his arrest is “related to his alleged involvement in a hush money payment and subsequent cover-up involving a purported affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels,” as Sputnik International reported this morning. Note that Sputnik is a Russian news service and not part of the US media’s campaign against President Trump. But as the charges are sealed, Sputnik only has the US presstitutes’ account of the indictment. The account is totally false.

Trump is not arrested for paying extortion money to a porn star, who saw her opportunity for extortion when Trump announced as a presidential candidate. No affair has been proven. It is ordinary for people being extorted pay up in order to avoid controversy that presstitutes would turn into fact.

The basic charge against Trump is an orchestration. A black Democrat New York prosecutor, rumored to be a protege of Trump-hating George Soros, one of America’s worst enemies, claims that Trump committed a misdemeanor, not a felony, by reporting the payment as a legal expense billed to his company instead of reporting it as a campaign contribution. This is merely the prosecutor’s opinion, an opinion successfully fed to a grand jury. It is well known that grand juries are putty in a prosecutor’s hands.

In law this would be a misdemeanor handled with a fine. But the prosecutor also assumes that the payment was intentionally misreported in order to mask a campaign contribution as a corporate expenditure. This assumption by the prosecutor is what turns the charge into a federal felony.

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In other words, it is all supposition of the prosecutor. The question I can’t answer is how can a state prosecutor try a person for a federal crime?

The Democrats have gotten away with “Russiagate,” false impeachments, “Insurrection gate,” “documents gate,” covering up Hillary Clinton’s felonies, suppressing and censoring the damning information on Hunter Biden’s laptop, stolen elections, and a large variety of other violations of law and due process. They know the presstitutes will continue to support their 7-year old attack on Donald Trump.

Republicans are not fighters. Their control of the House of Representatives is a limited power. Moreover, the Republican Establishment wants rid of Trump as much as do the Democrats. Trump is the choice of ordinary men and women who are powerless.

South American leaders have responded by pointing out that the arrest of a former president means that the US is now in the same category as Banana Republics where each successor president arrests his predecessor.

The arrest of Trump has the single purpose of establishing for all time that the American Elite who rule will not tolerate a President who represents the people and not themselves. This, and only this, is what the indictment of Donald Trump is about.


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