We Have a Problem – The Actual WAR INVASION of the USA **IS** Planned and Now, We Have a Date Range . . . Hal Turner Bombshell Report

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America, we have a problem.  While it has long been rumored that foreign countries are planning to invade the continental USA, we’ve never seen evidence of any such actual planning; until now. . .

For years we’ve all heard rumors of Chinese troops being massed in south-central Mexico, but never any proof to bolster such claims.

Two years or so ago, we all found out that Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada signed a Treaty with China allowing the deployment of People’s Liberation Army troops in Canada, and the Treaty prohibits local Canada governments from having __any__ say where those troops are, or what they do while in Canada.  That Treaty has been verified and __is__ real.

So if one believes the rumor about China troops in south-central Mexico, and we already have confirmation they’re entering Canada, that would mean invasion of the continental USA would be possible from both the north and the south.

Then, too, for years, we’ve all heard rumors that Venezuela would send troops to Cuba, to join with Cuban troops to invade Florida from Cuba — but ZERO evidence of any such planning has ever been offered or produced by anyone.

Below from inside the Russian FSB, we now have concrete proof an actual INVASION of the United States of America is, in fact, being planned, and the date range for that invasion has already been decided.   It appears we have less than one year.

The evidence, obtained from inside Department “C” of the Central Security Service of the FSB of Russia, appears below, and is for SUBSCRIBERS TO THIS WEBSITE, ONLY.  

Below are some images from the Russian FSB 2024 in-Agency Calendar.  They show a strong President Putin, exaggerated on the cover as shown above, and various drawings of war scenes into mid-2024.  Here:

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

***MakeGreatNow ON TELEGRAM!***

JUNE 2024

JULY 2024

But when their in-Agency Calendar reaches November, 2024, a really big problem arises:

I respectfully remind you that over a year BEFORE Russia sent its Army into Ukraine, then-Communist loudmouth Vladimir Zhirinovsky, publicly announced the “real trouble” for Ukraine would “Begin on February 24”  the following year.

As we all now know, he was only two DAYS off.  Russia entered Ukraine on February 22, 2022.

So we now see that such things are planned YEARS in advance.  And now, we see what’s being planned for November, 2024, on a Russian Intelligence Agency Calendar.

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