Vaxxed and Boosted Fox News Executive Dies of Heart Attack

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If Fox News were authentic, it would tell viewers that Senior Vice President of News & Politics Alan Komissaroff, who died of a heart attack Friday at the age of 47, received Covid-19 booster shots in April 2022 and January 2023. A Fox source speaking under anonymity told Real Raw News that Komissaroff was a vaccine advocate who had worn a “Get the vax” lapel pin until other network personalities teased him, even though they, too, were vaccinated.

In August 2021, Kevin Lord, executive vice president of human resources at Fox News parent Fox Corp, required all employees to get vaccinated or submit to daily tests, and later said 90% of the workforce had chosen shots over painful nasal swabs. In the end, many on-air personalities that rightfully railed against vaccine mandates had taken a jab or three.

At least Komissaroff was forthright; nonetheless, he, like so many naïve sheeple, entrusted his life to the CDC, to the promises of the late Dr. Anthony Fauci, to flimsy, ungrounded science, and to an unproven vaccine that killed hundreds of trial participants and hundreds of thousands more after the FDA granted pharmaceutical manufacturers emergency-use authorization.

It’s impossible to know whether the vaccine killed Komissaroff, but he was in a high-risk pool—he had a near-fatal heart attack ten years ago. Vaccine lovers will indeed say that one heart attack amplifies the odds of having a second, more dangerous heart attack, regardless of vaccination status. However, doctors who treated patients with proven drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine proved through empirical research that vaccines killed a disproportionate number of the elderly and immunocompromised.

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As for Komissaroff, could the time between his last booster and the moment of death be a coincidence? Anything’s possible. But even skeptical doctors have admitted to seeing an undeniable correlation between vaccines and excess fatalities. It wasn’t until vaccines came along that people in their 30s, 40s and 50s started dropping dead en masse, and physicians began noticing snake-like blood clots in corpses.

Fifteen hundred vaccinated amateur and professional athletes—people in prime health—have suffered cardiac arrest since the proliferation of Covid-19 vaccines; in prior years, the average was 29, a marked difference.

Komissaroff was neither an athlete nor an example of excellent health, but he could be another vaccine statistic, one of the millions.

Our source said Fox would not publicly comment on Komissarov’s vaccination status because HIPPA protects the individually identifiable health information about a decedent for 50 years following the date of death.

“Not to mention, Fox News sure as hell isn’t going to announce to its viewers that 90% of them got vaxxed, and that includes me. Everyone here loved Alan [ Komissaroff]. He made us all laugh. He was a great guy and just did what we all had to do. He’ll be missed. I hope the vaccine didn’t kill him, but many of us here are silently wondering, including some big names you wouldn’t think got the shot,” our source said.

Komissaroff is survived by his wife Rachael, who was his high school sweetheart, along with his children Ben, 17, and Olivia, 13.

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