This Will Blow Up The Deep State’s War On Trump! – Dan Bongino

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This Will Blow Up The Deep State’s War On Trump! – Dan Bongino

This will blow up and expose the deep-state’s war on Trump. In this episode, I uncover the deep-state’s plot to illegally remove Trump from office.

Chinese military age males are coming across the border in alarmingly huge numbers and when they get here, instead of trying to find food, a place to live and a job – as Gordon Chang (political commentator, expert on China, lawyer) shockingly points out that …. the Chinese invaders are seen at shooting ranges throughout the country practicing shooting rifles and pistols!! WT*! 2020 presidential election thief Biden is an insane and evil enemy of the USA and is willfully allowing … encouraging China to be poised to take over our country!

Tony Bobulinski, an important business partner to Biden, testified to the House Oversight Committee yesterday that the ‘influence peddling’ Biden family sold out the USA and ‘raked in millions’ from foreign entities in China and Ukraine.

*Washington Examiner: “… Biden has managed to stumble upward to the height of power … despite having no discernible business skills or private sector experience …he has managed to amass MILLIONS for himself and his family”! (Joseph Moreno)
*According to American University and Celebrity Net Worth, Obama had a net worth:
BEFORE entering the WH at $1.3 million,
AFTER leaving the WH his net worth was $70 million …
and is well on its way to an estimated $242.5 million!!

“You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”
-Harry S. Truman

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