The United States. . .The Republic, Is In the Process of Transitioning Into the QFS ~ Trust The Plan!

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I am always asked a lot of questions regarding the QFS.

  • When will it start?
  • Is it safe?
  • How does it work?
  • How do I put my money on the Quantum Financial System?
  • etc…

Many times I cannot answer as I’d like to because I simply do not know all the answers.

But according to Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes, the QFS is now fully operational on its own. The old Swift System has now become obsolete.

For quite some time they were both running together at the same time… but now it’s only the QFS.

Why did the QFS take as long as it did?

This is because everything was being checked, double and triple checked. And let’s face it, none of us want the system to begin if there is anyway at all the Cab/al could have hijacked its use.

While they were running in tandem, it allowed the White Hats the opportunity to ferret out some more of the swamp rats. These people were in the banking system and playing the part of the ‘good guys’ while all the time planning on working a swifty!

As a result, they have arrested more than 2,000 bankers from around the world. We are well rid of them, I’d say.

Because the QFS cannot be fooled, these people were caught red-handed, you know, like they were caught with their fingers in the till. Thanks White Hats, whoever you are… we owe you!

The problem for the bankers is that they have been used to making lot’s of money of us ‘normal’ folks.

It’s like this:

Imagine for a moment that Jack wanted to send Bill $1,000.

  • The only way Jack could send it was by using the bank.
  • The bank would charge him a fee for him making the transaction… let’s just say $20.
  • Now, the bank would hold onto the $1,020 and trade it… making them a quick dollar of let’s say $50.
  • Then, and only then, they would forward the $1,000 to Bill.

Now I don’t know how spot on I am here, but it is only a simple example of how the banks have been used to using our money to make themselves money. I don’t remember giving that kind of authorization, do you?

With the QFS, they can no longer do it! And, it must be scaring the pants off them!

Of-course, you and I could never do it without getting ourselves into a lot of trouble, but because these folks are connected in with the Cabal, it’s more than fine.

How do we put our money over onto the QFS?

You don’t have to worry about that at all, it has already been done, and has been for some time now. That is, from your current bank accounts.

Now, if you have money stashed somewhere safe other than in a bank, I believe that at some time you will be able to have it added in to the super-safe QFS. I cannot give any details on this… I do not know how, or when. But I am quite confident you will be able to.

How does the QFS work?

That is quite outside my realm of expertise to be able to explain it, so I’m not going to even try. That is apart from what I have already said here:

QFS – A Completely Different Quantum Technology Than the World Has Ever Known – Trust The Plan!

I will add here a link to where it is explained though. Mind you, I cannot guarantee whether all they say is true and correct… but it will help you get an understanding.

The Quantum Financial System you need to read this so you will understand what the new financial system is about.

But is it safe?

This is one of the very first questions that arises in everyone’s minds, which is totally natural. Money is hard enough to come by through legal means, to have it robbed through an unsafe system.

From all I have heard concerning it, there is no safer place in all the world than within this system.

So the good news is that we are moving forward in the plan of things. The QFS has brought down the Cabal’s ‘Great Reset’ that they were planning of dumping on us all, so we can be more than thankful for that. That’s the one where we would own nothing and they would own everything.

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