The Epstein Files Reveal The Shocking Truth! – Dan Bongino Live

The Epstein Files Reveal The Shocking Truth! – Dan Bongino Live

In this episode, I break down the shocking revelations from the Epstein files. Who else is implicated?

Why is Bill Clinton still walking free? Pedophile?

LACKMAIL bought silence all these years and maybe paid for the war against Trump too. Control is control! Hilary has a lot of balls. She has the nerve to call normal, patriotic citizens “her basket of deplorables” while her husband had more than 50 flights on the Lolita Express to Epstein’s fantasy island with under age girls. Bill and Hilary Clinton and a shit load of others including William Burns, the head of the CIA, Bill Gates, Gov. Bill Richardson, Woody Allen, Charlie Rose and lots more democrats protected by democrats. 13, 14, and 15 year old girls… were nothing more than sex slaves to these pervs. Do you have any questions why the dem party is into the disgusting trans, human smuggling, sex trade when they have leaders like these deplorable people? They can commit the most heinous crimes and never pay the price. The MSM is turning itself inside out telling us there’s nothing to see here. I smell Barack and Big Mike Obama involvement. I also remember what Biden’s daughter said in her diary. TRUMP 2024 Drain the freakin swamp!



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