Ted Gunderson Found (Former FBI Chief Whistleblower) Adrenochrome Links (Video)

The real number is way higher..more later on this in The Finger Lakes region. I worked with very high level people from 1 Police Plaza in NYC and was told in the 90′s when telling some about this and they said they have a special unit that follows this, so they have the numbers but it is kept secret and have known about it for many years. posted by YellowRoseForTexas “body snatched” ..that is actually a correct thing to say. Its a real mix.

Some are reppy’s, some are possessed, and some were body snatched…and SOME..where moved! They’ve been pulling us out for more than a year now BW. They have to put something in the vehicle to run it, and this is the wests territory so its usually replaced by the west with a west AI. Unfortunately.

The AI takes the personality and memory but as time goes on more negative traits start showing. Real Simone Parks left a couple of years ago, he was actually a good guy and made it up. (*edit: I think Kerry C. also went.) He’s the only one in the group you speak of, that I know for sure was pulled out and replaced. (not the same way that Flynn for instance, was replaced).

Clif H. is going to the middle ground area, and K.G. goes west. One said they have actually pulled all going east, except for special forces. The middle ground people are who we are here for, and many of those too have been moved already. During the ‘move’ (before & after) some east were going with Trumps group to help out initially. Then later they go all the way up. There will be interaction between the levels, which is why people will see their ‘dead’ relatives.

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