SG Anon Sits Down With Clayton Thomas (Founder of ROOTBrands) To Discuss Solutions To Bioweapons! -Anon Audio Chat 44- – Must Video

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

As requested by overwhelming demand from Patriots out there, Audio Chat 44 is the forty-fourth of direct, fireside-style conversations hosted by SG, and intended to help empower YOU (We The People everywhere) with some of the knowledge/guidance we are all collectively seeking.

In Anon Audio Chat 44, SG sits down with Clayton Thomas, architect of ROOTBrands and husband to Dr. Christina Rahm, Scientist and Chief Designer of ROOTBrands cellular-wellness formulas. With a background in bioscience engineering, nanotechnology, molecular mechanisms, and more, Dr. Rahm and ROOT have developed what can be described as a quantum-operational countermeasure system, capable of enhancing the body’s ability to neutralize environmental poisons, toxins, and biological weapons. Additionally, some reports suggest it may assist with recovery from the Big Pharma bioweapons falsely marketed as vaccines. I believe our talk to be well worth your time.

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