Military Raids NIH Biolab in Montana

White Hat forces on Thursday raided a Deep State Biolab in Montana where NIH employees were testing weaponized pathogens on human subjects, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Acting on credible intelligence provided by a Republican lawmaker, Gen. Smith mobilized a Marine reconnaissance platoon and soldiers from the Army’s 48th Chemical Brigade to surveil the National Institutes of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories—a bio level 4 facility—in the rural outskirts of Hamilton, Montana.

The informant told the general’s office that he had seen NIH employees escorting a busload of “hypnotized homeless” into the secure compound. He assumed the passengers were homeless because they were unclean and unkempt and wore tattered clothes. And once they set foot inside the portentous lair, they never came out.

“We saw the footage, eerie, surreal. Looked like they were in a trance, maybe drugged. The NIH guided them off the bus inside, and call me crazy, but I don’t think they were really there willingly. So, the individual who got the video, well, tracked the lab for a week, and he says they never left it,” our source said.

He added that General Smith showed the footage to the White Hat council, and together they devised a plan to infiltrate what Montana residents have dubbed “Camp Death.” Bombing it to smithereens was impracticable, for the shadowy laboratory held virulent microbes that, if they escaped, would decimate Hamilton, all of Montana, and beyond. Smallpox. Ebola. Marburg. And whatever other plagues the sinister minds at the NIH had secretly concocted. They had briefly considered dropping a thermobaric weapon—which Putin successfully deployed against Western Biolabs in Ukraine—but decided the resultant pressure wave and explosion would cause excessive collateral damage.

“The idea was dismissed quickly, but, you know, it would’ve done the country a favor. And as for the victims inside, if they were still alive, they probably wouldn’t want to be. For all we knew, the NIH could’ve been trying to put a bunch of Typhoid Marrys on the streets, and then what would happen. Nothing good ever came out of that lab. It was a place of evil,” our source said.

Rocky Mountain laboratories had come under scrutiny before. In 2018, the NIH, overseen by the late Dr. Anthony Fauci, experimented with a SARS-like coronavirus to see if it would infect bats. It has also been alleged that Lyme disease was created at the Montanna laboratory.

“It was past time to permanently put that place out of business,” our source said.

He explained that General Smith’s task force arrived in Hamilton Thursday morning and set up long-range surveillance on the site. They immediately saw something unexpected, something not seen in the video footage. The place was crawling with armed FEMA agents who patrolled the perimeter of the buildings and periodically checked license plates on vehicles in the parking lot. The Marines tallied 20 federal goons, suggesting that FEMA and the NIH, both historically autonomous agencies, were conjoined in an unholy alliance.

“FEMA there raised the specter of a violent confrontation. The plan was to enter at night when there’d be a skeleton crew. There was no expectation the NIH would resist much—their types are cowards,” said our source.

The Marines continued observing the site throughout the evening. By 10:00 p.m. eighty percent of the parking lot had emptied, leaving approximately 40 of the NIH’s 400 daily employees within the compound’s various buildings, and not all of them, the Marines knew, would be inside the building that housed the level 4 biocontainment chamber. An hour later, fresh FEMA forces relieved the existing 20; however, only 12 replacements showed up.

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“Problematic but not unsolvable,” our source said. “The Marines had blueprints, schematics, and also knew security cameras were everywhere, so they couldn’t just start plunking off FEMA without someone seeing it on a monitor and phoning for help. General Smith is a tactical genius; he planned for all contingencies.”

The Marines at first stealthily avoided FEMA patrols and planted mobile phones and radio jammers around the perimeter, even though the devices, once activated, would disrupt or render their communications useless. The technology would also block the NIH’s wireless video.

Before initiating their plan, the Marines called Gen. Smith’s office to voice a significant concern: What if the NIH, realizing it was under attack, unsealed the negative pressure doors to the BSL-4 lab and released Ebola. The Marines were told that the fainthearted NIH researchers would never intentionally jeopardize their own lives, even in a standoff.

The incursion began at midnight. Marine marksmen on overwatch killed three two-man patrols, halving FEMA’s numbers. The remaining feds fell to close-quarters combat.

“They had to move fast because whoever was inside had to be wondering why the hell the video cut out, and phones weren’t working,” our source said.

As the CBRN specialists stood in the background, the Marines placed a shaped C4 charge on the biometrically sealed door and blew it open, then charged in with rifles pointed at two private security guards standing in their path. The Marines put holes in the guards’ heads and chests.

A man and a woman in white lab coats came barreling around a corner but suddenly stopped upon witnessing the carnage and the six Marines closing on them. The Marine lieutenant grabbed the woman and forced her to her knees.

“Show us where your test subjects are,” he demanded.

“I don’t know what in the world you’re talking about,” the woman said.

“Wrong answer,” the lieutenant said.

He pressed the barrel of his pistol to her temple and squeezed the trigger. Blood and brainy matter leaked out of the small entrance wound and sprayed from the gaping exit wound on the opposite side of her head.

“Oh, God, no, Jesus Christ, this isn’t happening,” her companion said, the lieutenant’s pistol now aimed at his forehead. “Oh, God, ok, I’ll tell you.”

The man recounted a macabre tale to the Marines. The NIH had exposed the homeless to an aerosolized smallpox-hemorrhagic fever mutation. Over days, they developed boils and pustules that ruptured, and their organs shut down, and they bled out through every orifice on their bodies.

“Good you talked. You’re the one who stays alive,” the lieutenant said.

Meanwhile, other Marines went building to building, room to room, crevice to crevice, exterminating 34 NIH employees. No questions asked.

With the compound secured, the CBRN specialists donned protective gear and retrieved all BSL-4 pathogens, placing them in what our source called a “failsafe” chest for transport and eventual destruction.

“We seized dozens of computers, tons of papers. The Marines demolished every piece of equipment in every building until there was nothing left but debris. Then they set booby traps before leaving with the prisoner. Rest assured, the deadly toxins will be disposed of safely and are no longer a threat to the United States.”

Asked to qualify the ethical and moral ramifications of shooting not only a defenseless woman but also dozens of unarmed employees, the source said, “Morals? You want to talk about morals? This is war. They are the enemy. Man, woman—it makes no difference.”

In closing, he shared a final tidbit of info: “The prisoner says that FEMA abducted the homeless off the streets of San Francisco ahead of Xi Jing’s visit. Our investigation is ongoing.”

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