Massive Underground Bunker for Giants with a Church

Massive Underground Bunker for Giants (Nephlims)https://rumble.com/embed/v2avock/?pub=b0bw1 Does anyone know the name & location of this underground bunker? It’s mammoth in size! The ceiling height alone is beyond impressive. If not mistaken, it even has a church inside it as well. Take notice of the illuminated cross For some, the current crisis is a dummy run for long-term lockdown. Across the world, luxury bunkers are being built for a lucky few to survive calamity and collapse. Reports indicating the existence of giants, human-like creatures, in North America and comment thereon AN UNDERGROUND CITY FULL OF GIANT SKELETONS DISCOVERED IN THE GRAND CANYON

An Underground City Full Of Giant Skeletons Discovered In The Grand Canyon In the early 20th century, chance led us to the gate of the underground town of the most prominent giants of that period. This was an unprecedented find in the Grand Canyon, which soon repeated in the press. The Grand Canyon was the birthplace of a culture in which, according to an article published in the Gazeta de Arizona on April 5, 1909, people of cyclopean proportions existed. A civilization that only left us some structures as a testimony of its existence.

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