Kidnapped Dubai Brilliance Children Reunited With Families

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The American children (63) liberated from child slavers aboard the Dubai Brilliance have been reunited with families thanks to the Navy SEALs who saved them and the efforts of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s child sex crimes division, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

As reported, SEALs killed nine kidnappers on the Dubai Brilliance, then, with help from the U.S. Coast Guard, ferried “hundreds” of imprisoned children to shore in Alameda, California. This article deals only with U.S. children; we will discuss foreign children in the future.

Immediately following the rescue, representatives of the military’s Family Advocacy Program (FAP) arrived in Alameda to gently interview the traumatized children, ages 8-16, 31 boys and 32 girls, all of whom the slavers captured after the Dubai Brilliance dropped anchor in San Francisco Bay on June 12. White Hats did not surrender them to the federal government’s child welfare services because those agencies are complicit in child sex crimes.

“If we turned the poor kids over to the feds or even state CPS, there’s a damn solid chance they’d end up back on another boat. We wanted people we trusted to handle it. We took them somewhere safe and gave them medical assessments first,” our source said.

Most children, he added, were in good physical health. Some had superficial bumps and bruises; a 13-year-old boy had fractured his wrist pounding on a locked door. A few showed signs of dehydration and were given IV fluids. The good news, our sources said, was the kidnappers were interested only in transporting the children overseas, not raping them, as medical found no evidence of sexual molestation.

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When interviewed, many children told of a shared experience: while playing outdoors, often only a few yards from their homes, they were grabbed from behind and rendered unconscious, then awoke on the Dubai Brilliance with no memory of how they got there.

“Obviously, this wasn’t amateur hour. This was a professional outfit, not pedos trying to lure kids into a car with candy. We believe the perpetrators began canvassing the San Francisco area for kids right after the ship arrived in San Francisco Bay. The abductions started on June 14, two days after,” our source said.

He added that the abductors used chloroform and injectable sedatives to subdue the children.

They didn’t restrict their kidnapping activities to San Francisco proper and had cast a wide net, snatching kids as far south as San Jose, as far north as Santa Rosa, and as far east as Stockton, ostensibly to minimize the number of abduction reports filed in a given region.

RRN had to address the elephant in the room with our source, asking why, with so many kids vanishing over a few days, millions of phones across California weren’t blaring nonstop with Amber Alerts.

“There were alerts, 23 in San Francisco, Santa Clara, and San Joaquin Counties. I don’t know why there weren’t 63. We are talking about California, and who knows if local law enforcement is compromised or paid off. It’d be reckless to speculate. The children are safe. The bastards that held them at gunpoint are dead. That’s what’s important,” he replied.

FAP councilors, he said, spent sleepless days and nights interviewing the children, many of whom were psychologically shellshocked, and learning their identities, and personally returned the tormented kids to their parents or legal guardians.

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