Kerry Cassidy Huge “White Hats Military 12.03.2Q23!” Verifying The Plan! – Must Video

Kerry has insightful information that many do not possess. I believe there are few that have this gift that have Knowledge on a level that is deep and profound. I am sure there are some that either don’t understand and have a hard time excepting any of what Kerry has to say. I myself am in tune with her perception and her ability to speak about the truth that many people just can’t comprehend. I have always had feelings about things but not to the extent of knowing the facts. We all possess the conscious of awareness unfortunately many probably shrug if off and don’t try to tune into it. After the years of seeing and hearing from others it truly woke me up much more and make me feel like I was right about having a sense but not being able to put my finger on it. It is the Great Awakening for a reason to hopefully have others figure it out because we have been lied to for way too long. Gif Bless and Be Patient that there is a reason for what we are experiencing right now.

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