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Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

* Laura Loomer Making Wildly False Accusations > May Not Be An Innocent Error * Juan Thanks Patrick For His Huge Whistleblower Courage + His Personal Financial Sacrifices To Save The Republic * Juan Tired Of Flynn Conspiracies > Trump Knows Exactly What Team Gen Flynn Supports > 100% Patriot * So Many Amazing Patriots Are Winning Behind The Scenes > Names That May Never Be Known * 2024 Arrests Coming * 2024 Election Delayed > The System Must Be Fixed * You Cannot Overstate How Big The Next Moves Are > This Is About The Whole World *

With this Laura Loomer situation I would say that these journalists, Podcasters need to wake up the fact that, going forward it ain’t about them. Patriots are a completely different audience. We are not about personalities. We are about truth in information! Colorful, intertwining you may be. But that is not our focus!

Why don’t you grow some and just call her and discuss with her, instead of defending yourself? There is only uniparty – demonrats cannot be trusted! Criminals!

There is no way we are the citizens will put up with the Biden shit show!!

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