JAG Arrests NIH Honcho Tied to Montana Biolab

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United States Navy JAG investigators arrested NIH Deputy Director Alfred C. Johnson Saturday evening, alleging that he had contracted FEMA to procure “human research subjects” for the NIH’s BSL-4 facility in Hamilton, Montana, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

As reported last week, White Hats raided the den of despair after obtaining footage that showed NIH employees offloading a busload of stuporous homeless at the BSL-4 entrance. Marines and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) specialists from the Army’s 54th Chemical Brigade secured the building and killed all but one employee, whom they took prisoner. He admitted that the subjects were homeless and had died a gruesome death, having been intentionally exposed to aerosolized hemorrhagic fever and Smallpox. The NIH, he said, cremated the bodies.

Equally unsettling, he confessed that FEMA had plucked the homeless off the streets of San Francisco ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s stateside visit, enticing them with promises of money, lodging, food, alcohol, and drugs—empty promises. Instead, FEMA fed them tranquilizers that “zombified” them for their flight from Cali to Montana and bus ride to “Camp Death.” Moreover, the prisoner said the NIH has been experimenting on the homeless for years and that Deputy Director Johnson was its liaison to FEMA.

Johnson was primarily unknown to White Hats before the raid, even though he wielded tremendous authority. As deputy director for management, Johnson charted the NIH’s day-to-day operations and worked directly beneath Director Monica M. Bertagnolli, who replaced the late Francis Collins following his unceremonious hanging in February 2022. Johnson completed his Ph.D. in biomedical sciences at the University of Tennessee in 1985 and his undergraduate chemistry degree at Albany State University in 1979. He performed doctoral research at the biological pathogens division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and began his NIH career in 1985 as a postdoctoral staff fellow in the NCI Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

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“Turns out this Johnson character is as foul as they come,” our source said. “Besides, umm, the prisoner naming Johnson, his name was found on devices the Marines took from Rocky Mountain Laboratories. What exactly that was will be for Adm. Crandall to show at Johnson’s tribunal, but let’s just say that Johnson had been up to no good for a very long time, and we had better than probable cause to indict him on treason and murder charges. We found out where he was and went to get him.”

The JAG investigators, he added, found Johnson enjoying a taxpayer-funded vacation in Miami, where he had booked a luxury suite at the Intercontinental Hotel on Biscayne Bay. Johnson, traveling solo, left the hotel Saturday evening and began a leisurely stroll through the city’s affluent Brickell neighborhood, replete with rooftop bars teeming with tourists and costly skyrise condominiums. He whistled while he walked, unaware of the six JAG investigators shadowing him. As he rounded 6th Street and was about to set foot in Better Days cocktail bar—JAG had learned he was a high-functioning alcoholic and a closet homosexual—two investigators zapped him with high-voltage stun guns, buckling his knees.

They caught him before he collapsed to the ground, telling a passerby that Johnson was a business associate who had drunk too much already and that they were taking him home to sleep it off. They ushered him into a vehicle for a trip to one of JAG’s clandestine processing centers for Deep State criminals.

“He’ll for sure get a ticket to GITMO,” our source said. “And we’re taking a deep dive into a whole lot of NIH people, including retirees.”

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