Is This The Real Donald Trump… Or Definitive Proof This Is All A Movie??!

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Is This The Real Donald Trump… Or Definitive Proof This Is All A Movie??!

Thanks to Benjamin Fulford for highlighting the idea that there are three Donald Trumps: “As is being widely reported Donald Trump has become the first-ever former president to face criminal charges. Look at the Photo at the top of the article linked below.


“This is not the real Trump. He is too thin. This is a double look alike. So it seems there are 3 Trumps. The video done by the Kyle Cheney of Politico has the heavy-set white eyes Trump in it. Very interesting,” a CIA source comments. 

The attack on “Trump” is backfiring big time on the Demonrats as 83% of Americans think Trump’s indictment is politically motivated. Now Governor Ron DeSantis has thrown down the military gauntlet by saying Florida ‘will not assist in an extradition request’ for Trump.

“This was the white hat alliance plan. It is a brilliant 5D chess move. This opens the door to go after avatar Obama, Avatar Bush, and the whole lot of KM minions,” the CIA source says. “

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This idea of more than one Donald Trump has been highlighted before… 

Benjamin Fulford Has Interesting Theory On Two Donald Trumps

January 27, 2023

    IITM: I have researched and written about this theory before when the theory came out about a future Donald Trump arrest.  I find that…

Benjamin Fulford: Real Trump In Cheyenne Mountains Since 2020!! Trump Shocking Blackmail Evidence Revealed……

Well… so it’s like this folks… IF DONALD TRUMP IS THE LEADER OF THE WHITEHAT MILITARY OF THE WORLD… THERE’S NO WAY IF ANYONE IS GETTING ARRESTED IT WILL BE THE REAL DONALD TRUMP.  There’s NO way a one or two night stand with an anal porn star is going to bring down the military leader of the world who by the way SERVES GOD… that’s like saying King Charles will lose his role as king, for a traffic violation.

Now, I cannot say much on the nature of that particular image of thin Donald Trump (reposted above), but remember that it may all be a movie, AND there are MILITARY OPTICS constantly leaving clues about the movie… and there is got to be more than one Donald Trump, who is probably the most guarded person in the world… Mar A Logo is literally A FORTRESS!

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