Gitmo News: Deep State Clones End After Three Years, Cloning Researchers Tell Military – Doppelgangers/Clones Revealed; Liz Cheney Hanged

Tim Russ, the actor who played Vulcan Tuvok on  Star Trek: Voyager  in the 1990s, has revived his acting career with a new gig: portraying disgraced former President Barack Hussein Obama on TV and in public, sources at the US Army Cyber ​​​​Command said (ARCYBER) ).

For years, alternative news outlets have claimed that Obama had actually been brought to justice and replaced by doppelgangers, spat on images of the man who reportedly smelled of sulfur and was dubbed “Lord of the Flies” after insects inexplicably landed on his head during several press conferences.

However, the White Hats remain unconvinced that Obummer bought the farm, saying that rumors of his demise may be premature. As a senior Guantanamo Bay source told RRN: “If anyone got him, it wasn’t us, and we haven’t seen any tangible evidence that he’s dead. We never heard talk – and his death would be a pretty big deal.”

Whether the Dark Lord is upright or planted horizontally on the ground, he has found an ally in Russ, who, according to sources, recently played the part of Obama at a speaking event in Sydney, Australia, where 9,000 people paid $900 to hear him and husband-wife Michael Robinson, praises Australia’s gun control laws, accuses President Donald Trump and promises construction of  his  Obama Presidential Center in Chicago.

ARCYBER hadn’t even heard of Russ until November 2022, when a CIA adversary sent a dossier to Deputy Commanding General Paul G. Craft saying the agency had made an Obama lookalike. Russ and Obama have similarities: facial structure, complexion, angle of nose, length and width. They also share a similar statement. Obama has bigger ears, but Russ wears prosthetics, which he did to look like Vulcan in Voyager , when he impersonated him. They are in the same age group, Russ 66 and Obama 61, and have identical hair texture, although Russ, according to the document, dyed his to match Obama’s shade of gray. Russ wears elevated shoes to account for their height difference—Obama is three inches taller than Russ.

The document claims that Russ has been obsessed with Obama since at least 2014. A then-57-year-old Russ petitioned his agent to audition for Southside With You, a 2015 film — entirely fictional, by the way — about a young, lovelorn Obama who wooed Michelle on a first date in Chicago. Russ said he was too old to play the role and claimed he could be rejuvenated through CGI and play a convincing Barack Hussein Obama.

“The CIA papers don’t say why they need actors to impersonate Obama, but clearly say they approached Tim Russ last year. They mention putting Russ through rigorous training so that even astute observers wouldn’t be able to tell he wasn’t Obama unless they were right in his face. They taught him to walk, talk and act like Obama, just as they taught actor Arthur Roberts to pretend to be Joseph Biden. Tim Russ is the new Hussein Obama,” our source said.

Deep State Clones End After Three Years, Cloning Researchers Tell Military

Deep State clones only exist for three years when they leave their maturation chambers and are recalled to a recycling center at least a week before they expire, according to a Deep State cloning researcher who was arrested by US special forces in early January and taken to a secret safe house  for  a longer interrogation.

Kraus ends military career with more than four decades of service ...

A source in General Eric M Smith’s office told Real Raw News that military interrogators began questioning the 49-year-old German-born scientist, now identified as Harald Kraus, (pictured) immediately after his arrest. A reticent Kraus refused to answer questions until he was told he could cooperate or face a military tribunal with a 100 percent conviction over the past two years.

Before that, interrogators used mild language to persuade Kraus to reveal the location of cloning centers in the United States. They described Kraus as intelligent but also shy and fragile, and feared that coercion might make him crack—just not in the way they wanted. They promised him protection from Deep State reprisals, saying that if they let him out on the streets, the Deep State would surely kill him, knowing he was in the hands of the US military’s White Hat division.

“If we let you go, I’ll give you 24 hours, probably less, before they find you. Even if you don’t tell them anything, they’ll assume we broke you, they’ll assume you talked. We’re the good guys here. If you’re lucky, they’ll kill you quickly, painlessly, but your bosses aren’t known for being merciful, an interrogator told Kraus.

It was mild language, our source said.

Kraus received royal treatment – ​​quality food tailored to his diet and plenty of recovery time between interrogations, and he stayed in a room with a bed instead of a cell with a rickety, uncomfortable cot. The interrogators hoped their generosity would elicit a confession. But Kraus, headstrong and visibly afraid of his former employers, still answered questions with an indignant shrug and declarations of “I really don’t know anything.”

His convenient amnesia continued into March, frustrating the interrogators who had shown him every possible courtesy and were diligent in trying to win his trust through acts of kindness.

In mid-March, Kraus stopped eating and told interrogators that captivity caused depression and that he had lost his appetite. He said he was homesick, not for work but for his wife and 12-year-old son who lived in Hamburg, Germany.

The interrogators saw an opening.

“All our research and we had no idea this guy has a wife and a kid still in Germany,” said our source in General Smith’s office. “He told investigators they were living in Germany because the wife is a part-time caregiver for his sick mother, and he hadn’t seen them in a year when they visited him in Boston. So the investigators thought maybe he was lying, playing the sympathy card and all, but concluded by his body language and attitude that he was probably telling the truth. And they used it to their advantage.”

The interrogators stepped up their tactics, telling Kraus that only through them would he see his family again.

“You know they go after families and friends, too,” an interrogator told Kraus. “Just because your wife and son are overseas doesn’t mean they’re safe, and if they come back to the US looking for you because they haven’t heard from you, believe me, they’re going to be in danger. The people you worked for—you don’t know what they’re capable of, Harald, you just don’t.”

Cooperation would be reciprocated, the interrogator said, adding that the Deep State was a treacherous, tireless adversary whose vengefulness would ultimately direct its evil to Kraus’ family.

Kraus broke down. Between sobs, he told interrogators that the Deep State had compartmentalized its cloning operations so that scientists at one facility did not know where or who employees at other labs were. He had seen briefs, he said, that alluded to the existence of twelve domestic cloning laboratories in addition to the one he had been working on in Missouri. When he insisted that he was unaware of whose clones the Deep State had created at various laboratories, investigators asked him to take a polygraph, to which he agreed.

While connected to the polygraph, Kraus said that clones had a “lifespan” of only three years, which is why the Deep State bred multiple copies of the same people. He said that rapid maturation came with an intractable side effect: irreversible decay of neural pathways.

In humans, the brain clears unused pathways through a process called synaptic pruning;  every time we learn something new, our brain structure changes; new neural pathways are formed (synapses are created to store and retrieve this new information.)

Clones, Kraus said, stop forming new pathways after three years, and existing pathways rot, causing psychosis before they die.

Each clone, he added, has a subdermal microchip implanted behind the left ear. It acts as a GPS tracking device and a receiver through which the Deep State can issue a “recall command” before the clone’s expiration date.

“He also said the chip allows the Deep State to monitor a clone’s overall health,” our source said.

Kraus explained that recalled clones are dissolved in acid and replaced by another facsimile of the human it publicly portrays, and claimed that the now-destroyed Missouri lab had released three copies of Joseph R. Biden between 2012-2022.

Kraus said he believed, but could not prove, that Obama had killed the real Biden.

Our source said Kraus passed four polygraph tests.

Asked what would happen to Kraus, he said: “Obviously we can’t let him go. The Deep State will not let him live, and we have legitimate reasons to hold him indefinitely if necessary. He has committed crimes against the nation and humanity. And he may have more to tell us.”

Military sentences hanged Liz Cheney

Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall of the US Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps asked an all-female panel to find Liz Cheney guilty of treason after she nearly admitted to betraying her oath of office and threatening to have her people kill the admiral and his family.

He delivered a searing statement that painted Cheney as a depraved, bitter woman whose hatred of the U.S. Constitution rivaled her father’s, and whose indefensible loathing of President Trump led her to commit election fraud and later maliciously chair a committee that failed to embarrass or criminally impeach Trump .

Cheney muttered as he spoke. The admiral had warned her that he would not tolerate the courtroom; if she interfered with the proceedings, she would either be gagged or thrown out. Anger must have welled up in her like lava, because she narrowed her eyes and bit her lip as the admiral called his first witness, Cheney’s former communications director and deputy chief of staff, Jeremy Adler. He swore to tell the truth even though he had been granted prosecutorial immunity for his testimony.

Anger flashed in Cheney’s eyes; she glared at Adler.

Adler told the panel that, ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Cheney orchestrated a “ballot ring” through which she had hired “Trump haters” to complete and submit multiple ballots in favor of the felon Joseph R. Biden . Adler said Cheney was determined to turn Wyoming Blue into defiance of President Trump. Cheney, he added, lost his mind when Trump, despite his efforts to unseat him, dispatched Biden in Wyoming with 70 percent of the vote.

“Liz told me she would bend heaven and hell to destroy Trump,” Adler said. “He’s all she talked about. She couldn’t keep his name out of her mouth; she even shared that she had nightmares about Trump. She had a vendetta.”

“Mr. Adler, did the defendant tell you why she has such hatred for President Trump?” asked Admiral Crandall.

“Yes, she holds him and this place responsible for her father’s death,” said Mr. Adler.

In January 2022, a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay convicted Dick Cheney of treason for profiting from his role in the 9/11 tragedy. He was hanged on 29 January 2022, with then-Rear Admiral Darse E. Crandall overseeing the execution.

“So, did the defendant tell you that she blames Trump and me for her father’s death,” said Adm. Crandall.

“Oh, yes, and the thought of your and Trump’s death is like oxygen to her. That’s what kept her alive,” Adler said.

Cheney rocked in his seat at the defense table. She leaned forward, her icy blue eyes locked on Adler. “They can’t protect you,” she said.

She then turned her gaze to Admiral Crandall. “You are a white hat. You are dead. Your people are dead. They were dead the moment they killed my father. Your family – dead, Trump’s family – dead, your unborn grandchildren – dead. Some questions?” Cheney spat.

She slowly turned her head towards the panel. “Yours too.”

Admiral Crandall seemed shaken. He adjourned the tribunal for 15 minutes and disappeared into chambers. When he appeared, he asked the panel to find Cheney guilty of treason.

“Like father, like daughter,” said the admiral.

The panel said Cheney should be hanged.

And Vice Admiral Crandall set an execution date for Monday, April 24.

Epstein Flight Logs – Hollywood Illuminati Satanic Cult – Sent Them all To GITMO!

BOMBSHELL! List of Hollywood Pedo-Names – Pedophilia – CIA and Mossad – Child Trafficking in America | Sickening Hillary Clinton Sex Tape | List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles:

Here is a full list of people who are being actively investigated for crimes against children. Many say that arrests have already taken place but no one can confirm this. Something to ask yourself as you review this list…. if these were false allegations, wouldn’t someone have stepped up by now?

With all the money they have, wouldn’t someone have filed a lawsuit for slander by now? It makes you wonder. What is really sad is that anyone who becomes famous becomes a target.

Some are born into this secret society, some are sold into it by their parents, some are drugged and blackmailed, others are rewarded for participation in the cult by getting leading roles in movies. It’s anyone’s guess as to the specific story for each actor. May God have mercy on their souls…

Warning: Graphic Content – Satanic Elite Exposed Marina Abramović Dinner Rituals | Perverse Sexual and Cannibalistic Rituals

If you are not convinced satanic sex cults are operating through out our society and right under our noses, let me introduce you to Marina Abramovic, a 75 year old Serbian performance artist, that claims to test the limits of the human body.

Mock Cannibalism – Spirit Cooking
In the WikiLeaks Podesta Emails, there is email 15893 which refers to a “Spirit Cooking dinner”, the so-called “artist” Marina Abramovic is talking to Tony Podesta about, and hoping to know if his brother John Podesta is coming to.

The Spirit Cooking dinner being refereed to is the famous one you might have seen where people are scooping up mock-blood liquids from naked people lying in mock-blood baths, apparently molasses (but I’m not sure if there wasn’t anything else mixed in). She has used real blood in her “art” before, as you will see. You can see Lady Gaga enjoying her lick of red liquid that was scraped off a naked women that imitates a cannibalistic ritual.

PizzaGate The Pedophile Scandal of The American Elites: Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, John and Tony Podesta … The List Would Be Endless

Pizzagate is the term given to the flow of news and revelations about
a possible network of pedophiles that operated in Washington through symbols and keywords within a couple of family pizzerias. In this article we will cover many details about this accusation of child abuse.

When researchers from Reddit and 4Chan began to delve into the subject of Podesta’s leaked emails, they found something a little strange. Strange references to pizza, ping pong, and a small establishment in northwest Washington DC called Comet Ping Pong.

It turns out that within the thousands of Podesta emails that left Hillary Clinton in a bad position in handling the situation in Libya and Syria when she was Secretary of State of the Obama administration, there were also strange emails in which words and words were persistently repeated. phrases that seemed to have no meaning, or contextual meaning.

Only when it was understood that there was a code language in the words of the same, it was possible to measure what was being said in those emails. Podesta and his perverted friends talked about child abuse with an encrypted language that has been widely used in pedophile circles on the Internet for years.

They substitute words related to pedophilia with “innocent” words, some related to fast foods and related ingredients such as “pizza”, “hodotgs”, “masa”, “salsa”, “queso” or more exotic things like “Nuez” or “bandanas” ” of colors”.

Disclaimer The views expressed in this article may not represent the official views of Medeea Greere or the American Media Group. Stories filed under Opinion contain information from various sources that may be both, verified and unverified. Medeea Greere and the American Media Group do not make any claims as to the validity of the information expressed in the opinion section, however we do encourage the reader to do further research on their own and we hope that you will share your findings with us. The mission for the truth requires a collective effort.


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