Fuji Trafficking
POLO the sport of Royals and Rich Elites
Remember, POLO was a Royal family enjoyment for fun and boy did they love their hunting parties!
Prince Charles ,Harry, TOMMY KATO, Hamptons , Ralph Lauren has a home in Jamaica close by haiti..andrenoCHROME – black children.

Now think of the horses!

Big money on them and betting!
So the more the horse wins, the more money is made!

Once a horse loses, it’s not worth anything!
Kill it but before get the blood just like the children!

Reve Walsh!

John Walsh’s wife!

A little birdie told me that she liked to do Hunting balls, buy random horses and resell them!

Why?Here is another story about Polo. A women who used to have a channel on TG called “Great British Bird” her name is Clare Hocking Okell, she owns a team in England which I believe is called Cheshire Polo Club, not 100% sure on the team she owns….apparently with Ghislaine Maxwells’ brother. Ghislaine Maxwell was a Director for the team. Clare is a Wolf in sheeps clothing she makes out that she cares about children and slavery, yet she is involved in trafficking children with the Maxwells. We always have to remember that satanists will come across like they are caring, loving, kind people but behind closed doors it is the complete oppossite.

Has anyone looked into John Walsh and his love for Polo in Wellington, FL?

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