FISA = Start. US Military Has It All: Military Intelligence Intercepted The Deep State 16 Year Plan to Destroy America – 8 Years of Obama, Then 8 Years Hillary (video)


Military intelligence intercepted a clandestine 16-year plan by the Deep State to dismantle the nation—8 years under Obama, followed by 8 years with Hillary at the helm. Brace yourself for a journey through the murky waters of FISA, rigged elections, and a meticulously orchestrated takedown of corruption. This is not a conspiracy; it’s a battle for the soul of the nation.

Military Installation of Trump. As the nation stood at the precipice of a rigged 2016 election, White Hats within the military recognized the imminent threat. They needed a president loyal to the cause, someone who could navigate the treacherous waters of deception. Trump, with certain clearances approved, was strategically installed into the Republican National Committee, disrupting the Deep State’s carefully laid plans.

Consider this: the Military. Installed. Trump.

The rigged election for Hillary was thwarted by White Hats ensuring a fair vote. Algorithms were no match for the meticulous planning that went into this operation. The shock of Hillary’s loss reverberated through the corridors of power—she was never supposed to lose. But the White Hats had controlled the narrative to give the people a genuine choice.

FISA: The Pandora’s Box Opened by Obama

Obama’s ill-fated decision to use FISA courts for secret surveillance during the 2016 election unwittingly became the Achilles’ heel of the Deep State. This move exposed their playbook, laying bare their intentions for the next four years. FISA became the starting point, and the U.S. military, equipped with this information, began a covert operation to dismantle the web of criminals orchestrating the demise of the nation.

FISA = Start. US Military has it all.

The last four years seemed like nothing was happening, but it was all in the shadows. Trump and the military meticulously dismantled corruption at the highest levels, allowing the criminals to complete their crimes to ensure justice under the rule of law at upcoming tribunals.

The Election Trap: Unveiling the Surveillance System. Trump’s seemingly uncontested run was part of an elaborate trap. The U.S. Cyber Command, Space Force, and the Shadow Warriors of the Cyber Brigade installed an Election Monitoring (Surveillance) System. Soon, the real numbers will be revealed, and every aspect of this operation will become clear. The trap was set, and escape is futile.

The media, left in the dark, attempts to delay the military’s next move. Political theatrics on TV hold no legal standing—they are desperate attempts to divert attention from the impending revelation.

The Disappearance of Trump: A Strategic Maneuver. Trump’s apparent withdrawal from the public eye is not a defeat; it’s a strategic move. With the public under the impression that Biden has control, the military can soon announce their takeover. The media, oblivious to the unfolding plan, struggles to comprehend the reality that everything on TV in politics right now is a carefully crafted illusion.

Define: [Self Destruction]

The lies and desperation are palpable, a last-ditch effort to make Trump’s administration appear weak. However, the truth is far from it—Trump remains untouchable.

The Patriots Behind the Scenes: Barr, Durham, and More. Contrary to the orchestrated narrative, Barr is a Patriot working diligently behind the scenes. Any claim suggesting otherwise is false. Durham, burning the midnight oil, is committed to getting the job done. Hundreds of others work tirelessly in the shadows to dismantle the establishment and bring justice to those who have committed crimes against humanity.

There are more good than bad.


Stealth Bombers.

Military Operation.

Shadow War.

Dark to Light.

“Meanwhile, we have much work to do to fix the timeline and save humanity.”

Tribunals for Justice: Unveiling the Deep State’s Crimes. As the curtain lifts on this shadow war, tribunals become the stage for justice. Executions, resignations, and exposure of crimes against humanity will unfold. The writing on the wall is clear: the Deep State’s grip on power is slipping, and tribunals will serve as the reckoning for those who thought they were above the law.

In the face of darkness, a nation is reborn. The revelations of this covert operation paint a picture of a meticulously planned chess game, where the Deep State’s every move has been anticipated and countered. As the truth emerges, the resilience of the American spirit prevails, and justice will be served.

This is not a conspiracy theory; it’s a revelation of truth that demands our attention. The battle is not over, but the tide has turned, and the forces of light are reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. Stay vigilant, for the storm is upon us, and the rebirth of a nation is at hand.

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