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Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

Derek, I understand that things get to be repetitious. I am a Former US Army Aviator and Enlisted, E-5 & W3 (12 years). I have read everything in DOCUMENTS you posted. However, you have to understand that the public and the veterans have seen Treason, Corruption, Human Trafficking and a multitude of Felony crimes in the last 6 years and not one single indictment or arrest. So, people start to believe that there is no law at this time. I know we are a nation of laws, and you know that. However, for most of us, our entire lifetime, the Government and Politicians are never held to those same laws. So, people are looking for any proof other than the EO’s and the constitution. Stick to your convictions and truths. But, please understand that it’s hard for the majority to believe anything is taking place with the criminal Politicians when nothing has ever happened in the past. Be understanding of those that look every day for the smallest piece of evidence, an arrest, a picture, a video, anything that proves that the military is doing what you’re telling everyone. The last 30 years have shown that politicians have never been held accountable unless it benefits another politician. So, YES, there is a lot of doubt and a lot of anger & frustration because there is no physical, video or audio evidence of anything being done to save this country and the people. It almost seems that it is pure disinformation to keep the patriots at bay, with hope so it will be too late to take back what little is left of our great nation. So, have some understanding with those that are at the end of their rope! Faith is something that also requires some understanding and belief from the past. It’s hard to have faith when none of that ever existed regarding the arrest of any politician or deep state actor. God Bless you Derek.

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