Derek Johnson: Biden Is Not President, It’s TRUMP! – Must Video

Think about HOW MANY people are living their lives…. Not following politics because they aren’t interested… basically doing their own thing… Honestly, I’d say that’s MOST of America…. I could be wrong. Just a guess. I would say MOST people don’t watch any videos like this…..they are watching what they are interested in… I’m definitely not black pilled… but when I see people and ask them if they watch this person or that person…. they have ZERO clue what I’m talking about…. They are watching what interests them… Craft videos… Scary videos… or going camping/ hunting….doing their thing… It’s going to take some supernatural alignment of the planets to get people out of their funk.

Boom!! Tell em Derek. Your awesome. Its funny at some of negative comments on here. Guess that can’t handle the real truth what’s going on in the real world. Phil G said last week he’s not listening to you anymore lol. He’s one of the ones that says he always has major Intel drop and hes full of it. I used to listen to him uh I don’t anymore.

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