CIA Agent Who Abducted Gen. Berger Killed at GITMO

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A Central Intelligence Agency operative who took part in the kidnapping of General David H. Berger in January was shot and killed Thursday morning after he subdued a GITMO security guard and momentarily escaped his cell, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, when U.S. Marines rescued a savagely beaten Gen. Berger, they killed three of the four CIA agents guarding him. The surviving agent, now identified as Weston Neal, a 12-year agency veteran, told NCIS investigators that he and his now-deceased companions were hoping to collect on a bounty Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had put on Berger’s head. He downplayed his involvement in the abduction, saying he had only peripheral roles—driver and lookout—and that he had not touched the general. He was ultimately sent to GITMO and held as an enemy combatant, a person who engages in hostilities for the other side in times of armed conflict.

Our source said investigators repeatedly “interviewed” Neal using unorthodox interrogation tactics—waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and subjection to noise. Though frowned upon by modern society, this approach has proven successful in extracting vital information from stubborn prisoners, he added.

“Only done in extreme cases,” our source said. “And GITMO staff had reason to suspect Neal was withholding details on Gen. Berger’s abduction.”

After several waterboardings, a contumacious Neal broke, revealing that he and his comrades undertook a mission to retrieve not only the general but also the nuclear football–a briefcase, the contents of which are to be used by the president of the United States to authorize a nuclear attack while away from fixed command centers—believed to be in the general’s possession.

Ahead of leaving Washington in Jan 2021, President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807, effectively ceding authority of the nation to the U.S. military. He transferred the command codes and the football to Gen. Berger.

Under interrogation, Neal told investigators his team didn’t know that Gen. Berger had stepped down as White Hat Commander and named Gen. Smith his successor.

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“These guys had poor intel for CIA agents. They thought Gen. Berger was still in command, and they wanted him and the suitcase,” our source said. “I don’t condone waterboarding, but they had to do what they had to do. Neal had every opportunity to cooperate. Now the poor bastard’s dead,” our source said.

Thursday morning a Camp Delta sentry was making rounds when he saw Neal lying prone in the corner of the cell. Neal moaned as he clutched his abdomen and cried out for medical attention. The sentry, in violation of GITMO protocols, entered the cell and tried to help Neal stand upright, but Neal suddenly livened up and pulled the canister of pepper spray from the sentry’s belt. He sprayed the guard in the face. While the guard rubbed his eyes with both hands, Neal retrieved a shiv from under his bunk and held it to the guard’s throat, reportedly saying, “You’re getting me out of here.”

“We’re on a fu***** island, you idiot; where do you think you’re going to go?” the guard muttered.

Neal used the guard as a human shield as they left the cell and stepped into a long corridor lined on either side with dozens of cells, some occupied, some not, his shiv pressed firmly against the guard’s carotid artery.

“I don’t know what Neal was thinking; he had to know staff was watching the event go down on video from the control room. He got maybe three of four steps before armed guards appeared in front of and behind him. Neal told them he wanted over “the wall,” but if he had to die, he was taking someone with him,” our source said.

“The Wall” refers to the northeast gate, the portal to Cuba that was closed after Castro came to power, and the perimeter fence that marks the northern boundary of the base.

One guard, our source said, took a risky shot, striking Neal in the eye after it appeared as though he intended to slice his hostage’s throat from ear to ear.

“The guard who entered Neal’s cell has been relieved of duty for breaking standard operating procedures. No one guard can enter the cell of an unrestrained prisoner. This particular guard fell for the oldest trick in the book,” our source said.

Asked how Neal got a shank, he said, “He somehow got a piece of sheet metal and sharpened it against concrete. We’ve already checked other cells for weapons and contraband. None found.”

In closing, he said the guard was a U.S. Army MP.

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