Bombshell: “We’ll Kill The Dollar!”- Bring Down The American Dream (Must-See Video)

They say that the truth is often stranger than fiction, and in the clandestine corridors of power, it seems that a bombshell has been dropped, hushed whispers echoing a sinister phrase – “We’re just going to kill the dollar.”

Back in 2011, unbeknownst to most of us, a foreboding forecast was set in motion, a stealth plan unfurled by none other than the Obama administration itself. In a chilling tête-à-tête with economist Kyle Bass, a senior administration official divulged a shocking secret – a course of action that could potentially upend the US economy, ripping apart the very fabric of our financial system.

That statement, delivered in a chillingly casual manner, “We’re just going to kill the dollar,” has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, the deafening silence around it echoing the same eerie quiet one experiences before a storm.

The US dollar, a symbol of the nation’s economic power and prosperity, stands on the precipice of a sinister plot, a calculated move set in motion to resolve issues of exports and wages.

But, can the murder of our esteemed currency be the panacea to our economic ailments?

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Let’s dive deeper into this dramatic conspiracy, the carefully crafted scheme that, though veiled in secrecy, leaves a trail of clues for those daring enough to follow.

In the high-stakes game of global finance, the dollar has been the undisputed king. A potent symbol of American might, it has dominated international trade and held sway over global economies. But the winds of change seem to be blowing in a direction that threatens to knock the dollar off its lofty pedestal.

The seeds of this potentially destructive move were sown during a seemingly innocent conversation between the eminent economist Kyle Bass and a senior official from the Obama administration. The question that elicited the shocking response was not earth-shattering. It was about U.S. exports and wages, pretty standard fare for economists and policymakers. But the reply was a veritable bombshell.

This senior official nonchalantly dropped the bomb with the seven words that have set our alarm bells ringing. “We’re just going to kill the dollar.” Yes, you read that right. The administration was planning a controlled demolition of the dollar in a desperate bid to fix the US economy and trade deficit.

With the mainstream media either oblivious or purposefully turning a blind eye to this revelation, it falls upon us, the seekers of truth, to unravel this grand design. The silence of the corporate media only adds fuel to the conspiracy theory, their complacency seen as complicity in this grand scheme.

So, what does the phrase “kill the dollar” mean? In economic terms, it’s a drastic measure to devalue the currency, a potentially disastrous move that could lead to hyperinflation, similar to what was experienced by Germany post-WWI or more recently, Zimbabwe and Venezuela. It means a declining dollar value, skyrocketing prices, economic instability, and perhaps, an unprecedented financial crisis.

But why would the administration pursue such a perilous path? The answer lies in the convoluted world of global trade. A weaker dollar could potentially make American goods cheaper and more competitive on the global stage, thereby addressing issues of trade deficit. However, this is a dangerous game, like playing with fire that could burn the entire house down.

The statement “We’re just going to kill the dollar,” though delivered casually, reeks of economic aggression, almost bordering on financial terrorism. It’s a declaration of war, not on foreign soil, but against our very own dollar, a symbol of our prosperity.

In conclusion, it is evident that there’s more than what meets the eye in this dramatic revelation. While this theory might sound alarmist and aggressive, the stakes are simply too high to ignore. It’s not just about the fate of the American dollar, but the future of our economy, our prosperity, and our way of life.

We must continue to question, to seek the truth, and to hold those in power accountable. Remember, it’s only in the world of conspiracies that the phrase “ignorance is bliss” loses its meaning. In our quest for truth, let’s not forget the words of George Orwell, “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

“We’ll Kill The Dollar!”


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