Black Hat Officers Surrender to JAG

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Six Armed Forces “Black Hat” officers surrendered to JAG authorities Friday morning, a source in JAG’s Pensacola offices told Real Raw News.

The officers—two Lt. Colonels, three Colonels, and a General—in full dress marched into the US Navy Staff Judge Advocate’s office, saying they would no longer follow Lloyd Austin’s orders, and apologized for having sworn allegiance to Joseph R. Biden in January 2021. The officers, who knew one another professionally and casually, told JAG they had spent weeks deliberating whether to apply terms and conditions to their surrender, but ultimately decided to turn themselves in unconditionally, hoping White Hats would offer mercy.

Although JAG has yet to share the officers’ branches and units, they said the culprits held influential positions at Biden-controlled military installations in the United States, each with enough troops to hinder White Hat operations. They had sworn fealty to Biden because, they said, they believed he had won the 2020 presidential election honestly, and they had become convinced that Donald J. Trump was a vengeful election denialist. They claimed that Austin drilled those lies into their heads over the last three years, impairing their judgment and ability to discern fact from fiction, and causing them to disseminate untruths to their subordinates.

In November, the six apparently had a catharsis when Austin asked whether they had any trepidations about ordering troops under their command to enforce Biden’s inevitable 2024 victory.

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“Going by what these traitors said, Austin’s been having private convos with Black Hats, double-checking their loyalty. Austin’s been telling them that when Biden wins, Trump and his supporters will stage a nationwide insurrection. And that they’d gotta be prepared to identify and disarm insurrectionists before the election takes place. This is exactly the case with the traitors from Watertown,” our source said.

Despite their story and categorical surrender, JAG polygraphed each officer twice to ward off deception and the possibility of falling victim to a Deep State trap. The results showed they answered truthfully, cementing JAG’s belief that the Deep State is laying plans to broadly weaponize its military loyalists and federal agencies against patriotic American citizens.

Our source said the six officers requested amnesty and clemency.

“Well, they didn’t exactly get what they wanted,” our source said. “What they got was detainee status and a future trip to Guantanamo Bay. Even if they reconsidered, they’re traitors, and they must answer for their crimes.”

He added that White Hats have spent the last three years predicting Deep State deception and are ready to safeguard and support the integrity of the 2024 election. All White Hat officers, he said, have endorsed President Donald J. Trump’s “guard the vote,” which encourages patriots to monitor polling stations for nefarious activity.

“Biden’s dangerous, autocratic regime will topple, and President Trump will officially retake office. We’ll have good Americans watching. We’ll be watching. And if the situation does get out of control, the EBS will sound,” our source said.

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